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Friday, October 8, 2010

Woo Hoo Day off tomorrow

We went to a huge Honda plant today. We had to drive through 2 guard houses and got directions to our dock. We had to drive through a big orange door and we were into an inner parking lot, then through another big orange door and then another. There were probably over 1000 docks. We were in a maze, seriously. We got unloaded very quickly and away we went. We were not even back to the 1st guard house when we got our next dispatch. We are on our way to Georgia for a Sunday AM pickup that goes to New Hampshire for Monday.
We drove on over to a Pilot on the other side of Atlanta and realized we are 7 miles from Linwood Smith, a good precher friend of ours. We are going to try to meet up with him tomorrow, maybe go to eat (there's a Cracker Barrel straight acroos the road from us.)
We just went over to Winder to Walmart for groceries. We really do have more storage space than you can imagine.
We are spending the evening listening to the Baseball playoffs. Go Giants! Then when things slow down we will go get our showers and do some laundry.
Alabama did turn out to be pretty beautiful in the daylight. As a matter of fact we found a really nice lake. And the mountains are nice, although still real green.
Of course everything looks better when you're not tired and you have a full belly. I had biscuits with sausage gravy for breakfast, I passed on the
We are free all day tomorrow and I have the internet here. Yeehaw! Life is good!
I have been thinking about all of you and the messages on my phone are great. I have great friends. I spent a good part of the morning texting with Frankie, our step son. That was nice. I haven't gotten to do that before.
Lucy is doing a little better. Chuck loves this stuff. He is King.
I would like to say, "Way to go, Kaylee Miller. You are so smart. I am very proud of you. Keep it up." She is doing 5th grade math now so that makes her ALL 5th grade classes now. Good girl.
I am enjoying this new job. There is a lot to learn, but it will come. I love the traveling. I cannot believe how much ground I have covered in the last 4 days. It sure is going to be interesting.
We were a little grumpy with each other this morning but neither of us are morning people and the space is small. Plus the fact that I WILL HAVE A CLEAN TRUCK! And he like to eat crumby stuff. Oh and last night he knocked his plate down all over the floor.He says I clean every minute, but that is so not true. Although today I did a good cleaning of my "house" and it took a whole 10 minutes. But it is all good. I love my husband so very much. He is so good to me.
Our security system shut our truck down again today. I talked to the company, they are working to remedy it quickly.
PS If you are a prayer warrior please pray for my sister, Amy Bence. She hasn't been feeling good at all and is scheduled to have surgery on her hand in January.
Well more later.

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collettakay said...

I am so glad you started this blog! I love still being a part of your life and knowing what is going on.

I can travel vicariously through you!