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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We are in Texas

We drove on in to Houston about 9:00 last night. We spent the night in a TA truckstop. It is still 79 degrees but windy. Hot wind! We had a good evening. Took the dogs for a walk and walked around looking at all the different kinds of trucks. There are so many different makes and models. They come in just about every color too. I really do prefer the looks of Freightliner or International. I don't like the big boxy front ends of Kenworth or Peterbuilt. But I am told they ride really smooth and easy, the Cadillac of trucks. I cannot for the life of me understand why a man would buy a pink or lime green or even purple truck.
I made chili in the crockpot yesterday while we were sitting still and a small bit of homemade spaghetti sauce and cooked noodles so Pops had chili, I had spaghetti and we both had a salad. Yummy! Homemade food is so much better than store food or fast food. We have not stopped one time for a restuarant meal since we've been out. I would rather cook. Unless you count the salad bar we had with Bill and Starla. I really do love to cook, but it is a tiny bit of a challenge in here. Although I'm convinced I can whip up a batch of fudge in here. Gonna give that a try on our next weekend.
We watched the movie "Grown-ups" night before last. It is so funny. I had seen it before but Pops hadn't. We laughed so hard, I'm sure neighboring trucks heard us.
It is 8am eastern time. We ae waiting to be dispatched. Most are just starting to move around. It is 7am here.
I get impatient while waiting for dispatch. Because I am excited wondering about where we will go and what we will see. Our wait time always seems long and slow but once we get a dispatch we are expected to move within 10 minutes and then you rush until you get there, then you go somewhere to wait again. But I am still enjoying it. And this morning when I woke up next to Pops he told me that "This is still working out." Yeah, I still like him. He is trying really hard to keep the truck clean too. lol  He always gets the garbage out before it overflows and he evens walks the dogs with me. I realize the cleaning and cooking are my deal but I appreciate his help. We have a pretty nice division of work. We drive equally, although I think he always gives me the construction areas. But he does the night driving. He does the electronic logs, I do the actual paperwork. He does the unloading and fueling. I do the cooking and cleaning. He respects my opinions on the mechanical (because when I was in busing all our buses were Freightliners) I do know somethings about that. He is definately the Navigator along with Gypsy(gps). I take care of the money and payments. It's a pretty good partnership. And we are getting to have some fun at these new places. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I have a lot more. It really is a facinating world, the bayou. It's pretty, it's scary, it's dark, the smells range from mossy to swampy to flowery to downright "what is that stink?" It is amazing. I am a little disappointed that I didn't see any alligators. Oh well, maybe next trip.

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