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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everything's bigger in Texas

Yeah, including the boredom. Pops was driving and we are on an interstate, but ho hum, it is boring. There is nothing to see. Just trees and dirt. Where are the longhorns? Where are the tumbleweeds? Where are the cowboys or cows even?
We could see really tall buildings in Dallas off in the distance. But now we got a load so we are on our way to Houston as soon as we eat some supper.
It is really dusty here. And hot!
We are going to Uniontown, OH on Monday to get the dreaded Magtec (security device) taken out. Hallelujah! I'll be glad to see that thing gone. I know Pops will be too.
I am co-driver tonight. Hope I can read directions and get us there. hahaha
Pray for Pops.


Kim said...

I am so enjoying your blogs! Keep writing, please. Hope you do well with the directions tonight. Don't "recalculate" too many time. Safe travels.

collettakay said...

Sorry Texas hasn't been more interesting. Maybe you're just not in the right part of the state?