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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No load. Still in Houston.

We didn't get a dispatch out of Houston today. So it was a day off for us. We didn't waste it though. We got some stuff repaired that needed done. It was funny because the mechanic needed the VIN number and when he opened the door, Chucky and Lucy was there growling and he was afraid. Now everyone who knows our dogs would know that they wouldn't hurt anyone but I guess they did their jobs guarding the truck. lol
After that we took the truck through the truckwash. That was interesting. You pull into a big block building and there were about 6 workers that start washing with power washers. Pops got out of the truck to go into the office. The dogs and I waited inside. The dogs were a little scared because of the noise. I thought it was fun. I have always liked car washes. Our truck looks really good now.
When we came back over to the truckstop we got a different parking spot, a better one. It is on the end near the entrance, between the truckwash and the truckstop. There is a fence in between with a pretty big grassy area. I wish I had a chair with me. I would take the dogs, my book and sit outside. But I don't want to sit on the ground! The dogs are liking this new spot.
We did some laundry while we had some down time. And since we FINALLY got our money to go into our bank account, we decided to go into the restuarant to eat. It was good, but honestly I like my cooking better. I had meatloaf and mashed potatoes w/ gravy and corn. It came with soup and salad bar so I had some Italian Wedding Soup too. Pops got the Chicken Fajita Hoagie. It came with a baked potato.
I forgot to say that we both took a good nap today too, oh, a siesta, it's called down here. Siestas are good, especially during the hot part of the day. It was really hot again today. Right now it is 80 degrees at 9pm.
I got a voicemail from my friend Carol today. She works at Rest Assured. I was doing laundry when she called and didn't have my phone with me. I hate it I missed her call. She left a nice message for me. I will be seeing her when I get home. I miss my Rest Assured friends more than they know. It is always good to hear from them.
We checked our FedEx status on the C-link computer. We are on the top of the list for loads so hopefully tomorrow we will get a good one.
For you prayer warriors: Please pray for Mark and Debbie Billiter they need lifted up. Also, pray for my son Tom's friends who just became foster parents of a little girl they got directly from the hospital, no more details than that. And as always, keep Pops and I in your prayers.
Love, Noni


collettakay said...

Make sure you put a folding chair on your list for next time you're home.

Glad you enjoyed your day off!

Love you both!

collettakay said...

Just had a thought. You could always just grab a chair at a Wal-Mart. Duh.

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

Just watch out for those grassy spots at truck stops...they are sometimes filled with little packages from lots oftraveling doggies...I speak from experience! :)

I'd love to be in Texas. Never been there. Have always wanted to go. I don't think I could handle the heat though...I'm more of a snow/cold weather person.

Did I read that you will be home for the ladies tea?

Starla said...

see you soon........glad you are enjoying your time on the road. If you find more alligator claws, get me 3. I love you both so much!!!

Mary said...

Good morning to both of you ... Love reading and following your adventures. They are so interesting and some make me laugh. I can always use a good laugh. Happy traveling,enjoy every day and always be safe. Prayers are with you both.