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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally a chance to use the internet!!!

Whew, I have been having major withdrawal from the internet lately! We haven't had any chance to be still long enough where I had service.
So Tuesday we left the house and was supposed to be Hagerstown to pick up and we were given 2 hours from our house to get there. Of course with all the construction in Cumberland and other roads we had to have our time bumped. So we got to our pick up and had to back into a building, well I couldn't do it. We have a system installed on our truck for security. It is to prevent the truck from being moved by unauthorized drivers. Apparently inexperienced drivers too. I could not back it up for nothing. Pops tried and he had a little trouble but managed.  So off we went to York, PA to deliver. We got there and all went ok there. We were immediately given another load for morning. It was a security load. (high pay, but required using the refrigerator unit on the truck in which we had no training.) Our boss said take the load, so once we got parked for the night (more on that in a minute) they instructed us on how to use the reefer. Suddenly we heard an awful noise and smelled belts burning. We called our boss and they got us off the load and told us to go for repair in the morning. During the night we were offered another reefer load for later on Wed. Boss said accept the load. We had origianally parked directly across from Jessup Prison near Baltimore and decided that was unwise and moved elsewhere.
We got up early on Wed and went to be repaired. As it turns out it is a major repair so Boss elected not to do it now. 3 hours wasted and another high pay load lost.
New dispatch comes Go to Philadelphia and pick up 1 container to go to Uniontown, Oh. Yep, right back where we did our training last week. Okay I can drive us there. I actually have been doing my share of driving, just not backing yet.
So that trip went off ok except for once when we stopped at a rest stop to walk the dogs, our security system must have detected that we are not authorized drivers and would not allow us to move the truck. We called the boss and he instructed us how to deal with the system. We got moving again.
This morning we picked up a giant bucket of paint weighing 5000 lbs. and drove it to Lincoln, Alabama. I have driven 11 hours each day the last two days.
I don't mind the driving. But remember the wonderful security system? I was driving 70 mph done a mountain in KY and system decided to shut down the truck. That was something. I did manage to get over 3 lanes of traffic and get off the road before losing the steering. FedEx called me on the phone and said they just received a sercurity alarm from our truck was all okay? She said that these devices were giving some problems and they are thinking of taking them out of the trucks. Ya think?
Chucky has adapted really well. He is enjoying this life. Lucy on the other hand is a nervous wreck. I don't know if she will get used to it or not. I am worried that she is going to get sick if she doesn't soon settle down.
Things are getting easier each day. The paperwork is really hard and the computer (direct link to FedEx) is complicated, but we'll get it. Meanwhile, I have seen some pretty scenery already and look forward to more.
When I get home next, I will be getting an aircard for my computer so access to the internet will be much easier.
Keep praying for us. I don't know where we go from here.
Love ya.


spartusnecr0 said...

Love you and miss you both!

collettakay said...

I've been checking each day to see if there has been a new post from you. So glad you were able to get some time to post!

I love being able to read about your adventures and misadventures and knowing how you are doing.

BTW, they moved Kaylee up to 5th grade math! Now is is 5th grade in everything. She's is doing so well this year. Hope it lasts!