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I am so glad you are here. Stay with us as we travel everywhere. I hope you will enjoy the ride.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our owners took us to supper

Billed as the World's Best Catfish. It was pretty good.

This is Tate and Shirley, our truck owner. They are good people.
We worked so hard today switching out trucks. Tate and Shirley took us to dinner. We went to a place called, "Clear Springs Fishhouse."
They say they have the best catfish in the world. Well, I don't know because I've not eaten catfish everywhere, but I do know that it was really good.
We also ate fried pickles with our meal. I had never eaten those before either. They were really good.
This restuarant is an old cotton gin and it is old, with bare boards on the wall and floors. There were stuffed animals (taxidermy) all around and old antique signs and toys and kitchen gadgets. It was great.
Of course we had a lot of food leftover so we can eat that for the next two days. Yum yum.

We got a temorary different truck today. Here are some pix

Yep, bunkbeds. I get the top. Can you see Lucy?

Front passenger area

Driver's compartment

Kitchen, I have a cooktop burner!!!

This is my favorite part, a full size refrigerator, freezer. Now I can have ice cream.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fog surrounding the mountains near Christiansburg, VA.
Jalapeno Boudin Balls, Yum

This is Peto's, where we buy our Boudin.

Back to Work

We got a load for Monday morning. It picked up in Saxonburg and went to New Jersey.
I was glad to be going back to work although I felt like just one more day off would have been nice. I was also excited for Kelly, a friend of mine, whose husband Ralph drives truck too; she was getting to go with him for the next two weeks. I hope she enjoys her travels.
We picked our load up and took off to New Jersey. Our trip was pretty uneventful. We picked up some big, awkward machine. Before we got to New Jersey we got a predispatch for the next day.
Our NJ delivery was near Rutger's University. They unloaded us and we had a good bit of time to kill so we drove to a Walmart in Piscataway, NJ to camp for the night.
We had the whole evening to do whatever we wanted, so I read some of my book and shopped at Walmart, Pops played on Facebook.
We didn't have to rush the next morning either. So I took the dogs out and then cleaned up the truck and lingered over my coffee while Pops woke up slowly.
We drove to a chemical plant in NJ to pick up our load. It was a huge plant with many buildings behind a fence.
After we got loaded and was driving out, we saw a huge Buck deer. We grabbed the camera but didn't get a picture. We lost sight of it for a while and then when we saw it, we saw two more. They looked like young reindeer they were so big.
Pops talked to the guard about them. He was told that there were deer on the property when the plant was built and they stayed there, Now each year they grow bigger and bigger and tamer. That was pretty cool.
So off to Houston, TX. We had 45 hours for a 27 hour trip. We didn't have to rush. That was nice.
So I drove down through the Shenendoah Valley of Virginia enjoying the mountains, then the fog surrounding the mountains near Christiansburg.
Then I slept while Pops drove.
Our generator in the truck is not working which means that we have no AC in the sleeper part of our truck. It was really to hot to sleep until it got dark and then I opened the roof vent and Pops put the front windows down a little. That made it nice and cool. However, Pops could not sleep the next day while I drove.
By now we were in Mississippi and Louisiana. IT WAS HOT!!!
We called our owner and he told us to get it fixed in Baton Rouge.
We were there for 2 1/2 hours, and $150 later found out that they couldn't fix it and that it probably is a problem with the engine of the truck. Oh Boy!
Pops called our owner.
We were already supposed to be getting another truck but it won't be ready for at least 3 more weeks, so tomorrow after we deliver in Houston, we will be going to San Antonio to get into a temporary truck. Oh I hate the thoughts of moving all of our stuff. And I know that this will cost us a load. And then we'll probably be stuck sitting for the whole 4th of July weekend. If that happens, I want to visit the Alamo in San Antonio and have me some real Texas Barbeque.
Anyway, while crossing Louisiana, we stopped at Peto's, a favorite stop of mine. This is where we got the Jalapeno Boudin Balls and the boudin at Christmas time. This time I, of course, got the Jalapeno Boudin Balls and some green onion sausage and some cajun spiced pork chops. I also got us a cajun ginger cake and a cajun blackberry sweet dough tart. Yum Yum. I love Louisiana. They are my kind of rednecks.
The bayous are so pretty this time of year and we saw many fishermen. I was envious of them. It looked so peaceful out there in the water at sunset.
Anyway, now we are in Beumont, TX. We are going in to shower and we will be sleeping here tonight. Then we'll drive to our delivery in Houston in the morning.
It is good to be back to our normal again.
I miss y'all already though. Yep, I said "y'all."

Friday, June 24, 2011

What a busy, tiring last two weeks

Wow, I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. We have been off work for 10 days already and it has just flown right by.
We got home last Wednesday, just in time for our Church's revival with Linwood Smith. I was a little disappointed with the lack of interest from our church members, however, I feel like we had success.
We had two baptisms. Robin Sarver surprized her husband on his birthday by getting baptized; and their daughter, Hannah was also baptized. Pops performed the baptisms. It was a great evening.
We had Linwood up to the house for lunch one day and we all ate in the screen porch. He is a great guy, and loves the Lord more than anything.
On Saturday, all the Ryans got together for a picnic. We had a fabulous time. We got to see Heather again. We hadn't seen her in a long time. She looks good and she brought her boyfriend who we had never met. His name is Justin and he "buries people" for a living. haha
My boys came too, but they couldn't stay because of work so they didn't even get to eat. I hated that.
We did have a good time though.
Then Sunday, our annual PA Family Camp kicked off with a picnic at the campground at 3:30. Several of the out of town people showed up too. Then that was followed by 3 good sermons by 3 good preachers.
Our youth program really went wild this year. Both the boys and girls dorms were full and we had to set up tents. That is amazing.
Marvin Whiteman was doing our daily music. He is blind from birth and he is so good at music. Everyone loved him. So much so that he was already asked to come back again next year.
So Monday through Thursday we had 3 preachers each afternoon and then 3 again in the evening.
Each sermon was good. These men are very good at preaching the Word of God.
We had 2 women's sessions too.
It was so good to get to spend time with so many good church friends.
Some changes were made to make things run more smoothly and we have big ideas for the future also. But I am so excited about what is going with our Camp Meeting. I already can't wait until next year.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am blogging

I am blogging because someone requested that I blog even though this is a travel adventure blog and I am home.
I am planning on doing some stuff later about our camp meeting, actually we are going to set up a Preaching in the Mountains Blog after it is over so that we can print it out into a yearbook.
So I don't know what to say, except, I love you Roy and Sandy. I love it that you both read the blog.
I promise I will get a detailed blog about our time at home soon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is Oink, the pot bellied pig.

This is Peter.

This is my good, good friend, Carol. I love you, Carol

The Best Time

This is my very good friend, Ruth.

Today I had the best of times. Starla and I got together with 2 very wonderful women that we used to work with at an Assisted Living Home.
When these two women found out when I was getting in they called Starla and asked if we could all get together. Of course I wanted to also so I told them when I would be here and we planned to meet somewhere for breakfast.
Then Ruth decided that she would like for us to come to her home for brunch instead. I was all for that.
So Starla and I picked up our other good friend Carol and we drove to Ruth's home in Meyersdale.
When we arrived I noticed that the pot-bellied pig that Ruth's brother bought for his wife was in the yard in the sun. They named him Oink. Then I noticed that they also had a peacock, his name is Peter and he was all spread out and was absolutely amazing.
We went inside the house and Ruth had the table set with beautiful china and crystal. It was so pretty. She served us a delicious fruit salad and then a wonderful breakfast casserole. And then after all of that she gave us homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee. It was all so yummy. And she thinks that she is not a good hostess. Well, nobody has anything over on her that's for sure.
We talked and talked and talked some more. It was like we had just seen each other yesterday. We just kept on talking and enjoying our time together until I realized that 5 hours had passed by.
I am so glad to have some time with them. I was almost in tears when I left Ruth's house and then again when I dropped Carol off at her house. I will miss them both so much.
I am so glad that God has allowed me to be blessed by the friendship of these two women. I love you both so very much.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Drug Test

On Monday morning when we woke up we thought that we would get a load right away, but it work out just like that. We got a call from FedEx alright, but they told Pops that I needed to go for a random drug test and they would send us the details shortly.
Within 10 minutes they shot some directions and instructions to our C link and I was to go immediately. It was 8 miles away and I already had to pee so off we went. Well, it took us 20 minutes to drive those 8 miles and then we had to find a place to park our truck which we finally did. And Pops waited in the truck with the dogs while I went in to pee in a cup.
When I walked in I saw about 20 some people in the waiting room. The receptionist gave me some forms to fill out and then told me to sit and wait. And wait, and wait and wait. I got to watch a whole episode of Match Game (a game show from the 70's) while I waited.
Finally they called my name, so I went back and did my thing and that was that.
I took the dogs out for a quick walk when I got back out to the truck and then made us some coffee. And then we got a load. It picked up in Georgia and was going to McConnellsburg, PA. We were going home, just like we wanted to and a whole day early!
So we drove to pick up and then headed toward home. Well, first we had a load to deliver.
We got to our destination on Tuesday around 3pm about 2 hours early. Then we got another load offer before we went out of service. It was another load that kept us fairly close to home but allowed us to make a few more dollars. So we talked them into raising up the rate. But then it cancelled. oh well.
And then, it came back out to us at the original low rate. We called our boss and soon we were offered the load for the higher rate again. So we wouldn't be going home today, we would go home tomorrow after we deliver.
We wore picking up a transfer load from another truck and then delivering in Corry, PA, near Erie. So we drove to the FedEx Freight location and waited for the truck to come in. When the appointed time came and the other driver wasn"t there yet, Pops went inside to check what was going on. We found out the other driver was stuck in traffic in NYC and having a hard time getting out. So we set up a different meeting place and planned to meet the driver and still be able to make the scheduled delivery time.
We met up with the other driver at a Walmart in Hamburg, PA and backed the two trucks together and transfered the load. And then we were away from there.
Corry is a small place in the middle of the boondocks in the a huge forest. We drove for so many miles around windy, foggy, narrow roads. It took forever. But we did get there and unloaded.
Now we put our truck out of service and headed home.
It was so good to pull in here. We unloaded the truck and carried everything inside.
I am so excited to be home and I am so excited for our Revival and so excited for our Camp Meeting and so excited to being able to meet up with some dear friends.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gaston Christian Church
Sunday, June 12, 2011 We attended the Gaston Christian Church in Belmont, NC. Our friend, Phil, attends there and we were not too far from there.
We woke up this morning and went in to shower and then after coffee we took off. We wanted to be early so that parking wouldn't be a problem.
We got there just before 9am and there were only 2 cars in the lot. Phil pulled in right after we did.
I took the dogs out for a quick walk and then we went in the building. We were about 1/2 hour early so we watched the praise team practice.
Then we went over to the fellowship hall for Sunday school. They discussed the day of Pentecost and how the tongues as of fire came down upon the apostles. They also talked about how the "tongues" that were spoken were other languages. The many, diverse people in Jerusalem heard them speaking in "their own native languages." Time passed quickly and the lesson time was over.
We then walked over to the main building again. I walked with a lovely woman whose name was Pat. She told me that she is 85 years old. She reminded me very much of a lovely lady that I knew and cared a lot for that recently passed away. I really liked this Pat from this morning and she will be forever in my mind. (Isn't it funny how some people are just unforgetable?) Her husband was very nice too.
The service started with the Praise team leading the congregation with singing and then the Children's Church was dismissed.
Communion meditation was very much what I needed to hear this morning. God was speaking to my heart through this man that I had never met.
I did not sleep very well last night. My soul was burdened with worries. But thank God he brings me messages through messengers at just the right times.
Then the sermon went on to be more of what I needed to hear. The minister, Scott Patterson, brought a very good sermon on the Psalm 23:2. He spoke about the Green Pastures and Quiet Waters. He talked about the "sheep" and our relationship with the "Shepherd," Jesus.
We, humans, need to be still and unbusy sometimes. We need our Shepherd to MAKE us to lie down in green pastures.
We also were told that the green pastures do not occur naturally, that they are the result of work done by the Shepherd for our care.
Our Shepherd loves us so much. We need to let Him have control of our lives.
After church we spent a few minutes with the Price family, Scott, Sylvia, Merrick and Kragen. They are so friendly and Sylvia, the wife and mother was interested in what we do and she liked the dogs. How could I not love someone who loves my dogs? I would've like to spent more time with them. Maybe next time.
After we left church we went to a Walmart to get some groceries. We hope to be home on Wednesday, so we didn't need much.
Then we looked for a chinese restaurant. We found 2 listed on the internet and drove to the closest. After parking our truck and walking inside we realized that it wasn't buffet. Oh, our disappointment, but oh well, so we got a few items for take out and walked back to the truck.
We ate some lunch and walked with the dogs and then settled in for a nap. Ahhh, Sundays, the day of rest, I love Sunday afternoon naps.
What a wonderful Lord's Day. We will remember this church for when we are in this area again.

Random Pics

Driving in to Kansas City, 94degrees, to get our AC fixed.

Driving past the KC Royals stadium. Whoops, almost missed the crown.

There caught the crown, and the construction, haha.

SC in the AM. We were sitting for over an hour and a half for accident cleanup. It must have been bad a helicopter flew in. We prayed.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Friend, Phil Hanze. Thanks for lunch Phil.

Some Pix

Creepy!  (Internet Picture)

My berries. They were so very good.

Smokey Mts. (Internet Picture)

See the Smoke?  (Internet Picture)

DOT Inspections

Oh what a week of emotional ups and downs. I can't hardly stand it.
We knew a few weeks ago that June 7,8, and 9th was going to be the big blitz put on the Federal DOT. We were warned that everything with our trucks and everything with our paperwork and so forth had to be up to par. The DOT was setting up hundreds of checkpoints nationwide.
Well, I was a nervous wreck about all this. Not that we had too many issues but we have been having problems with our lights constantly shorting out. I was worried that we would get written up for something and it would go against our license.
We had been running really hard and we were pretty worn out. So Monday evening once we unloaded in Kansas City we went to a truck stop for layover.
We were not offered any loads all the next day (the 7th.) I was not upset. We did need the break and we used the time to get our lights all fixed.
We had a few offers the next day but nothing that interested us. So we missed out on 2 days of the blitz. Whew!
The next day we drove up to St. Louis. We thought maybe we would get a better load offer from there. And wouldn't you know it, we had problems with our lights. So we got them fixed AGAIN!  And once again avoided the inspection.
Later that evening we did get a load. And it was my turn to drive. There was still a few hours left of the blitz and I was nervous. But it was okay. I didn't have to go into any of the weigh stations. So we avoided that. What a relief.
While we were spending time in Missouri, our air conditioner quit on us. And it was HOT! 94-96 degrees. We did get that fixed right away.
Not only was it hot in Missouri, they are also being invaded by the 13 year Cicadas.
Internet Picture
They were everywhere. And they were noisy and very invasive. If we got out of the truck they were swooping our heads. The dogs were going crazy trying to catch them. Lucy **eats** them. Yuck!
See the "W" on the wings? And Bill Perdew reminded me to look for the one with blue eyes. No thanks, I'll steer clear of them.
One of them landed on Pops and the MEN in the shop were about to pee their pants. But Pops just reached down and pulled it off and left it go. You would've thought he was a superhero. Boy, were they sissies. huh.
We got a real nice load going to Sumter, SC. So I slept through the night and then drove the whole next day. I got to cross the Smokey Mountains between Tennessee and North Carolina. It is such a beautiful drive and honestly the mountains did look all smokey. It almost looked like they were smoking from a fire.
After unloading we went to Charlotte, NC. We hoped only for a short time, but it turns out that we are spending the weekend.
After a really good nights' sleep I got up to take the dogs out and found a lovely berry patch right behind our truck. I picked 2 bowlfuls of berries and Pops and I ate at them all day. Yum Yum, I love blackberries.
Then the best surprize, Phil Hanze, a friend of ours from Facebook and Delmarva family camp, called us up and wanted to take us to lunch. So when he came he took us to the Golden Corral and then he drove around and showed us the area. We had a good time. I love our Christian friends. And I love getting out of the truck and getting together with friends.
We will soon be home!!! I cannot wait. My soul needs my friends.
We are planning on being home by Wednesday. Revival starts Wednesday evening with Linwood Smith and then followed by our Preaching in the Mts. family camp.
I am so excited.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy Busy Us

Our load to Niagra Falls got cancelled. Oh well, it happens.
Instead we got a load going from Greensboro, NC to Marshall, IL. We went to our pickup place and there didn't seem to be anyone around. Pops went inside and I got the dogs out for a walk. Since it was deserted with no one driving around, I left them off their leashes.
We walked around the place for a while. Then I noticed plums! They were all over the ground. I picked up all I could carry in my hands and took them back to the truck. No, I didn't pick any off the trees. So I ate plums until Pops came out and then he ate plums too. They were the round red ones, yummy.
We took off for Marshall. On the way we passed the rest area where Lucy killed the baby bunnies. I wondered if any were still alive.
We delivered that load. It was Sunday morning. We had been looking for a church in the area and contacting some friends we knew but it didn't matter we got another load right away.
We were picking up and going back to Memphis, TN. We are hauling spark plugs, 8 pallets of spark plugs. Well, we'll rest once we get there.
But once again plans got changed. We got a load out of Memphis before we were even half way there. This time going to Kansas City.
We have been running ragged lately. I don't know what is going on. But it's okay. We will be off for 2 weeks soon. I can't wait.
We will be home for revival with Linwood Smith at Wills Mt. Church of Christ and then the next week is our Preaching in the Mountains Family Camp. I always love that.
So run me ragged now, just leave me enough time for a shower.
We are sitting on layover right now in Kansas City. We are glad for the break though because tomorrow starts a 3-day DOT blitz. They will be targeting commercial vehicles and pulling them in for inspections. We need some lights fixed so we are waiting to get into the service bay now. Also, and this is the big thing, our AC quit working yesterday.
It was 94 degrees today too. We need that fixed real bad. I felt so sorry for the dogs. IT WAS HOT!!!!
So not sure where we will go from here but I doubt it will be too long until we get something.

High School Grads-So very proud of you. (Information is incomplete)

Audrayana Ashley, home school grad.  Audrayana will be going to college in the fall.

Brian Gibbons, Bedford High School. I think Brian has chosen to attend UPJ in the Fall. He has a double major of History and History Education.

Derrick Ryan (our grandson, with family) Turkeyfoot High School. Derrick will be leaving home soon to attend bootcamp for the US Army.

Destiny Ryan, our niece, Graduated Clay County High School in Kentucky. She will be attending Lindsay Wilson in the Fall to study nursing.

Kacey Bence, our niece, Somerset High School. She will be attending Wayneburg University in the fall to study Forensic Science and Criminal Justice.

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Week of June

This week got off to a late start with Memorial Day being Monday. We waited out the long weekend in the Dallas heat, but then Tuesday evening we got a load. It picked up in near Oklahoma City and delivered in Dayton, TN.
Pops started off driving that trip and into the night. We got there early so got to sleep for several hours in a Walmart Parking lot. I went into the store and restocked our cupboards and refrigerator.
Then we made our pickup. I began to drive then and drove throughout the daylight hours. It was good to be back in Oklahoma again. I loved driving through the different Indian Nations and trying to pronounce the names of the Indian places. At one point there was an exit for a place called, Lotawata Rd. As I said the name, I mentioned to Pops that there must be a lot of water here. I no sooner got the words out of my mouth when we saw a big lake. haha
I kept seeing billboards advertising a store that I thought looked interesting. So we decided to stop there for lunch. After driving many miles, we exited and I was excited. We pulled into the lot only to find that the store was closed, permenantly. Oh well, it was fun to think about.
But we did get lunch. We had Tamales. It was the first time either of us had eaten those. Pops almost ate the corn shuck that they were wrapped in. But after giving him a quick instruction we both ate them and enjoyed.
We drove and drove and it seemed that the entire day we were seeing evidence of tornadoes. In Oklahoma, then in Arkansas we saw a lot of damage and then into Tennessee and the whole way across that state.
After we delivered there the following morning, we got a dispatch immediately. It picked up near Atlanta, GA and was going to Columbus, OH.
Georgia also has tornado damage. It is unreal how widespread the violent weather is this year.
The drive up to Columbus was a good drive. We went back through Knoxville, TN and up and across Rarity Mt. That is one of the most awesome drives. And then up through KY, into Cinncinati, Oh and then on to Columbus.
Again we were early so again we spent the night in a Walmart lot. We are busy and driving a lot but getting to sleep too, That is nice.
We got up early and delivered our load.
And then we got another dispatch. We are headed back down to Charlotte, NC. So back down the same routes that we just came up yesterday. Back across Rarity Mt. and into Knoxville, but then we made a direction change toward Asheville, NC.
So Pops is driving now and I am about to sleep. We should get there a little early again so he will be able to catch a few winks before delivery in the am.
We will be about an hour or so from dear friends of ours, Wayne and Nadine Jocelyn. I was kind of wondering if we would be able to go to church at their church on Sunday, but again we are dispatched already.
We will be picking up  in Timberlake, NC at 10am and then delivering at midnight at Niagra Falls, NY.
I don't know if there is a church near there or not, but I will be looking.
Anyway, I better hit the bunk, it will be another long driving day tomorrow.