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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shout out to Rest Assured

I do want to give a holler out to my good friends at Rest Assured. I hear that some of you are following our blog. I am grateful for that. It is very encouraging to me to know that people I love, miss and care for are paying attention to what I am doing now. I miss you and the residents a lot. Especially the 2-10 group: Ruth, Roxanne, Rachelle, Carol and all of you . I miss Annetta's good cooking but I am sure I will lose weight now that I can no longer eat any of it. haha Darlene, are you behaving? And Kelly, take care of yourself. I'm glad to chat with you on Facebook from time to time. Tell the other girls that I say "Hi" and that I miss them. And please tell Eleanor what I have been up to. I miss her as well as the other residents.
I am doing well and so far really like what I am doing. This is me, this is who I am. It is so exciting to drive everywhere and see so much. We really do have a beautiful country. We should be proud to be American for all of the right reasons. God has truely blessed us. Take Care.

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