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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Better today

Once we picked up our load in Decatur and got moving I started to feel better and could feel the gloom going away little by little. We got a good bath and that helped tremendously.
Pops was driving and we listened to the ballgame. I talked to Starla and my sister on the phone and found out that my niece, Kacey, was in Indianapolis at a concert with her school. What a coincidence we were coming through there at that time. What a absolutely gorgeous city. No kidding! It is beautiful. I texted Kacey and asked her where she was. Lucas Oil Stadium. Look there it is! We were passing it right then. I texted her and told her we were right outside driving by. It was cool how that happened.
I stayed awake for a while longer then I went to bed.
I woke up this morning (slept like a log) around 6:15. Just in time to make coffee and start driving. Pops' hours were up. We had just crossed into Pennsylvania. I drove the entire way across Pensylvania on I80. What a wonderful trip. The leaves are at their peak, it was just daylight and so pretty. Pops was finally sleeping, snoring even. Good for him. Thanks for praying.
He did wake up when we were somewhere in New Jersey. We were headed for Long Island, New York. That meant I had to cross the George Washington bridge. Then across the Throgs Neck Bridge too! Then through part of the city and out onto Long Island. Our appointment was for 2:30pm so traffic wasn't too bad until we actually got to the street where we delivered. There were cars parked on both sides of the street and he wanted us to back into a small lot between a fence. No Way! It was not going to happen. So we did what all good delivery people do, we blocked the street. The delivery didn't take long to get unloaded but he wanted to open it and make sure it wasn't damaged. Traffic was getting furious. Pops jumped in and moved the truck just as I got the paperwork signed and off we went. I was supposed to be driving but since he was behind the wheel he drove us out of that area and then we changed seats. So once again back Long Island Expressway and across Throgs Neck Bridge but we left the city a different way because we are already predispatched on another load. But I did have to cross the Tappen Zee Bridge. Oh my, What a trip!!! I am so glad to be away from New York. What a beautiful city, though. I did get to point out some of the buildings for Pops. The Bay was spectacular, but the water looked pretty choppy.
We are now sitting at a truckstop. We just had a good supper and we're going in to shower. By then the ballgame will be on. I want to call my dad. I sure do miss him. I heard through the grapevine that he is enjoying our adventures. He told my sister that he feels like he is with us. I'm glad he feels that way. I love him so much.
We pick up in Swan Lake, NY tomorrow and that load goes to Louisana for Monday. Not sure where we'll be attending church, but it will be somewhere we've never been with people we don't know. But they will be family, right?
I praise God for the hope that I hang onto. He is amazing and has never, ever failed me. His wonder and beauty are around us daily. Sometimes we just need to look in the right direction. That's up to us.
Love ya, later.
PS Bob Long, I owe you one.
PSS Don't worry Keenan, we have 23 different kinds of coffee with us in this truck. You would be surprized at the amount of storage we have. lol

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