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Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally Friday, soon will be gone

Wow, I'm tired. We got up at 2:15 and left the house at 2:45. Once again we had to drive to Uniontown, OH for more training. What a trip. We met our son, Tom, for breakfast in Somerset before getting on the turnpike. We made it to the FedEx CC building by 7:30. Class was due to start at 8:00. We got right into training at 8:00. We started with intense Hazmat training, Then went into transporting explosives. After that it was 11:45 and we went to lunch. There we got to talk with 3 other couples who already drive for FedEx and like their jobs a lot.
After lunch we got started on hauling military loads and how to get all the clearances and stuff we need. We are really spending a lot of money just getting all these clearances. I sure hope we soon recoup some of these expenses. Then after gov't, we got into radioactive materials and then came the dreaded test. We were not allowed to miss more than 2 questions. It was pretty hard, but I only missed 2, so I passed. We got brand new badges, certificates and another huge stack of papers and permits to carry in our truck.
We drove back home after that. We got here around 9:15. I am so very tired. I can't wait to go to bed. My head feels so clogged up with info and stuff to try to remember. I hope and pray that I have total recall when needed. I have always been one to take great pride in my work. So I am looking forward to Monday when we get our first dispatch.
Thanks to all of you who are reading and following us. I appreciate your comments and prayers so very much. God bless you all.

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