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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ok, so we are on a layover. That means that once we unloaded there is not another load for us just yet. This is the first time since we have been working here that this has happened to us. So we are sitting in Shrevesport, Louisana.
This trip down was very interesting. After I got some sleep, and I slept really well. I got driving again. Pops ran his 11 hours of driving time right down to less than 3 minutes left. We were between Knoxville, TN and Chatanooga, TN. So it was me again. Chatanooga is pretty. It is in a deep valley and there are some lakes that are really nice. And believe it or not many choo choos. So I kind of felt like I knew where I was going, it was familiar from the previous trip at least into Alabama. But once we passed our old exit it was ok because most of it was rural or semi-rural. We crossed into Mississippi. (Can you spell Mississippi with only 1 i?) lol
and I was in love. Mississippi is absolutely beautiful. Not at all how I would have expected. It was green and hilly and so not swampy. The sides of the interstates and the median were all mowed so nice; a lovely state, indeed. I saw a cotton gin harvesting cotton. I didn't get to stop in Mississippi, we drove straight through into Louisana. And again what a nice surprize. Louisana seemed even prettier than Mississippi. It, too, was green and fresh looking and we saw our first palm trees since starting this job. Oh yeah, and armidillos too, dead but still. There was a lot of interesting places that I would have liked to stop if we were leisurely traveling. Maybe someday. Cajun is definately the theme here. Cajun is just spicy rednecks. They eat crawfish and alligator rather than deer and turkey. We saw what I would think was a bayou. Forests of trees standing deep in water with lilypads and algae and spanish moss hanging from the trees. I wish my eyes could take and save pictures for me to post for all of you.
We ran through a heavy rainstorm. It was mostly to the left of us which would have been the Gulf direction. Toward the right side of us it was sunny so we got to see a huge, bright rainbow.
We spent the night in a Walmart parking lot. It was well lit and a seemingly secure area, unlike the truck stop we stopped at. It was a little scary there. I felt very uncomfortable. So we walked down and spotted some donuts that called our names.haha
This morning when I got up I walked over and got some grocercies. We eat a lot. No we don't, our refrigerator just doesn't hold a lot like at home so we have to shop more often.
We went to our delivery location and unloaded the secret. Whop de do! Then were told to take a layover in Shrevesport. We had to drive 300 miles for layover, but they tell us we will get out of here sooner than if we had gone to Baton Rouge. We'll see. But I do appreciate the chance to use the internet.
I elected to drive first today even though it was Pops' turn because I would rather drive during the day than at night. We were going through Baton Rouge and I looked ahead and saw the biggest, tallest bridge that I think I ever saw and got scared. I was supposed to stay left but the bridge was coming from that direction so subconciously I entered the right lane. At the same exact time our C-link computer started to talk to us (a message from Fedex) and before I knew it I was off the exit and not where I was supposed to be at all. Pops did not yell at me. He didn't even get upset. I was so sorry. But he is smart and found us another route almost faster than our Gypsy (GPS) did. I apologized to him for messing us up but he says it turns out that his new route was a short cut and got us out of Layfayette traffic. Ok, all is well. Turns out I still had to cross a big huge bridge that crossed over the Mississippi River!
So here we sit, 5 miles out of Texas. Wonder where we'll go from here? I'll let you know. Take care and God Bless You. Remember to hold on to your hope. God is Good!


spartusnecr0 said...

I miss you guys. Love ya lot!
be safe,

collettakay said...

Quite an adventure so far. I can almost imagine your eyes taking pictures!

Have you been able to keep up with your 1st Place? I have been up-to-date for the past two weeks! Aren't you proud?

I'm going to order the new books tomorrow. It looks like we'll be starting them on October 31st.

I really miss you and look forward to reading more about your journeys.