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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Out of the Cold

It sure felt cold spending a couple days in Ohio after being in the south most of last week. We were waiting to get the Magtec removed from our truck and there was a big, nice grassy area nearby so we took the dogs over there to run and play. They really enjoyed being off their leashes and being outside all that time. After about an hour it got cloudy and began to drizzle. Immediately the temperature dropped and we got cold. Because of the dogs we could not go into the building so we stood by the entrance and chatted with some other drivers.
Shortly after lunch they told us our truck was ready. We got in and cranked up the heat. Pops tried to put his window up but it wouldn’t go. The mirrors wouldn’t adjust and the wipers didn’t work either. Oh, no! He went back inside to find the mechanic that had done our work. He assured us that nothing he done could have caused these problems, but set to work on fixing them right away.
He wasn’t able to spot the problem and time was wasting. So he called someone from the Magtec company that he works for and apparently he is a genius because within 2 minutes we were fixed and ready to go.
But we had already lost our load. So we were told to go to the truckstop and wait for another one. Well, I looked around the truckstop and it was full of FedEx vehicles that were in Canton to have their new C-link computers installed. We will never get a load with all of these trucks here. We elected to relocate. We decided to move into the Pittsburgh area. So we started to move. Within a few minutes we got a dispatch from where we were to Gaffney, SC. We accepted and off we went.
We picked up almost right away but by then it was going on 7:00pm. Pops was driving and I thought I better get in the bunk because he didn’t have enough hours lefts to drive the whole way. So I tried to sleep. I think we were on the roughest road in the entire USA! At one point my computer (which doesn’t ever move during transit) bounced down onto my head. Everything felt like it was going everywhere. Remember, we talked about imagination before? Haha  I just knew our load had shifted and was going to be all over the trailer. Pops even thought so too. When his time was up, I began to drive and he couldn’t sleep either because of the rough riding. We did stop to check our load about ½ way. It was just fine, didn’t seem to mind the bumps a bit.
We off loaded this morning at 6:15am and could not wait to get to a Pilot or TA. Once here it was just a matter of minutes until we were both sleeping.
Dispatch has been trying to give us loads so I am sitting up now watching. Pops is sleeping. I hope he rests, he sure needs it.
Keep praying for us as we go about. It isn’t always an easy way to live, but I still like it…….so far.
At least we're back down south.

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Keenan said...

You should write a blog sometime about how the day to day things are different by being on the road vs home! I'd also like to see how you store 16,000 kinds of coffee in that truck! :)

Also, I've been praying for your safety, sanity, and spirituality daily. Just thought you should know you've got another friend praying for you both!