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Friday, October 15, 2010

Today (satellite issues?)

Texas isn’t so bad really. Once we got more inside it turned out to be a little of what I expected. We could see Dallas off in the distance because the land is so flat and the buildings are so tall. It reminded me of the Emerald City from the Wizard of OZ.
We circled around the city and the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Airport to get to our pick-up. When we were close to our destination we needed to make a left hand turn, we had 2 lanes of on-coming traffic so we had to wait for a green turn arrow. Pops was driving so when the arrow turned green he made the left and started to move. Just ahead of us (we hadn’t even gotten the truck straight yet) was a railroad crossing and I saw the red lights come on. I said, “Train, train!” and he was going to go across because we were blocking the intersection of the traffic. “Gates, Gates” I said. They were coming down and were going to hit us. He hit the brakes hard and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor. Ouch, did my elbow hurt.
Pops kept apologizing but really there was nothing differently he could have done. If I had been driving it would have been him on the floor. Well, Praise God I wasn’t driving is all I’m gonna say about that.
The people at the business where we picked up were really nice people and had us out of there in about 10 minutes. Now we were going to Houston to wait for a morning delivery.
While driving out of Dallas/ Ft. Worth Area we took our time. The city was so beautiful at night. All the buildings were lit up and it was so pretty that I got distracted (Can you say, “Demas?”) that I missed our exit so we had to make a loop and come back up onto the interstate. So far, we’ve been fortunate and not gotten ourselves too messed up.
After getting away from that area I went back to bed. Pops drove us on into Houston where we parked at a Walmart for the night. God Bless the good people at the Walmart who allow trucks to park there and use their facilities at night. Of course, we always spend some money. I was so stiff and sore this morning. I have a big swollen bruise on the left knee. And my back between my shoulder blades feels jammed and stiff. It’s okay, I’ll live. I don’t want to make Pops feel bad. He couldn’t help throwing me on the floor. And Jeffy I know you’re going to ask, “Where was your seatbelt?”  hahaha
We needed to be at our destination at 9:00am central time so we got up early enough to walk the dogs and go into the store and still make our destination. We delivered right to a person’s house. He lived a wonderful neighborhood on a cul-de-sac which was a little sketchy turning around, but I did it. He was  a very nice gentleman and was glad for his delivery. I think we did a good job of promoting the FedEx “purple promise.” It states, I will do all I can to make every FedEx experience a good one.
On our way into and out of our destination we traveled a highway that passed a statue of Samuel Austin. The statue was amazing. We stopped so I could take a picture, will post soon. I don’t know who he is but I will find out. He must’ve been someone important. I am probably really showing my ignorance right now. Oh well, I will find out.
We are back in Houston waiting for a load. We have had to pass up some really good ones because we need to be in Ohio on Monday. We could be on our way to Colorado right now. I told Pops he should have asked for a raincheck. lol
Love you all, stick with us.


collettakay said...

Can you say the "Alamo"?

Mary said...

Love your blog .... when I need a good laugh I find you .... HA HA . Hope this finds you both doing wll... Sorry to hear that Pops threw you on the floor .. but then again ... where was your seat belt. Have a good day, a safe trip and prayers are with you both.