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Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Friends

We are sitting at the TA as mentioned and in pulls (backs, actually) another FedEx CC right beside us. At the same time my phone rings and it's Tate (our boss) "You in your truck?" he wants to know. I tell him that we are and he says. "You're about to meet some crazy people." He goes on to tell me that 2 of his other drivers, a couple from Ohio, are here too to get their Security Device removed tomorrow. They are also getting their C-Link (computer) installed in their truck. Pops and I walked over and introduced ourselves and we went in for coffee. We were in there for about a little over an hour. They are very nice couple. They have been driving for FedEx for almost a year. They really like it. They have been married for 24 years and seem to have a really nice family too. Their names are Mark and Elyse. I hope that I spelled her name right. I hate it when someone spells mine wrong. It is always nice to talk with other people in the same line of work. It is especially nice when they happen to be FedEx and extremely nice if they also work for Tate and Shirley.
I hope we get to spend some time with them tomorrow. I think they may be able to help us get our satellite tv going. (Hopefully)
I am still waiting for laundry. It seems that I have been at it all day. There are only 2 washers and 2 dryers and one of the dryers isn't working. Each cost $2.00 per use. We have to take turns. The dryer didn't get mine comepletely dry so by the time I figured that out someone else had already thrown theirs in, so I had to wait until theirs was done and he ran it for 2 cycles (2 hours) to get his dry. I guess I'll have some clean, dry clothes tomorrow. Otherwise, it might be ugly. lol
Love you guys.

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