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Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Emotions, must be menopause

I got to bed last night around 8:00. Pops was driving on very little sleep. He is having such a hard time learning to sleep in the moving vehicle. It is an extremely rough thing to do.
One of our clamps that holds our refrigerator into place came unglued so our refrigerator kept creeping out of it’s space. There are 3 other straps holding it but I was worried that they would come loose if it dangled out of the space and then oh boy, that would not do. I kept getting up during the night and shoving it back into place.
At one point while I was sleeping Chucky came back and crawled in with me. He hasn’t been doing that so I figured it was either pretty cold or he got into trouble. Sure enough when I did wake up later Pops threw a half filled jar of peanut butter back to me and said this is for the dogs. When I ask why, he told me that he was dipping pretzels into the jar while driving and he kept smelling peanut butter when he wasn’t eating it. He looked down and caught Chucky with his head inside the jar licking the peanut butter. Hahaha dogs will be dogs. What do you expect?
I got up to drive around 4:30, I think we were somewhere in Ohio. We sure do seem to spend a lot of time in that state. It was still dark so I listened to the radio and chatted with Pops who still wasn’t sleeping. I drove the whole way through Indiana and into Illinois. It was getting light by then.
I just couldn’t stop thinking about the two people I saw yesterday. What could I have done to help them that might have made a difference? You know they say opportunity only knocks once and I did not cash in on any opportunity that might have been there. There had to have been a reason God allowed my to see that or it wouldn’t be such a heavy burden on my heart.
I get weepy every time I think about that. For every good and beautiful thing I have seen, I have seen equally bad and ugly things. There are good, nice people and there are grubby creeps. God loves them all. Can I?
Also, Lucy is not doing well at all. Every once in a while I think that maybe she is adapting and then she gets gloomy and miserable and that makes me so sad. She is not cut out for this at all. She has too much energy to be in the truck all the time. She is too young at heart to live this life. I cannot stand this fact. I do not want to give her up, but I want her to be happy and living a life she deserves.
We met a royal grouch at our delivery place today. It was the Catepillar plant in Illinois. The guard at the gate was a pimple on the hind end of a buzzard. Pops said he must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. I think he got up on the wrong side of something alright. He was rude and nasty to everyone. He had snide comments about each driver through the gate. I did say a prayer for him and for everyone who had to deal with him. Once inside that plant, (it was very large, several city blocks) there were men riding around on every kind of vehicle with wheels including bicycles. There were golf carts, fork lifts, bikes, trucks of every size, and contraptions that I didn’t recognize nor could I describe. They were everywhere going in all directions. It reminded me of all the little workers from the Henson show, “Fraggle Rock.”
When we left there we found a Walmart to do some shopping. Before leaving the Walmart parking lot we had another dispatch. It was a pickup in Salem, Ill and delivering tomorrow on Long Island in New York.  I finished up my around 7:00 and Pops took over. He has had no sleep so I am worried about how he will be able to drive his share. Please pray that he learns how to sleep while I am driving. I know I drive okay, but I think he worries about me and directions. I do okay if Gypsy(gps) is going the right way, but don’t give me a map. Lol
So tomorrow is Friday and we’ll be on Long Island. Good luck to us getting out of there. I hope we aren’t stuck there for the weekend.
Love ya bunches. ttyl

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Starla said...

The peanut butter thing is PRICELESS. Wish I could've been a fly on the wall when dad saw Chucky with his head in the jar. LOL