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Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's 91.6 degrees now

We got into Mississippi last night near midnight. Pops drove up until his hours ran out. We switched out just outside of Chattanooga, TN. Of course I remembered that once we would cross into Alabama I would have 12 straight miles of one lane construction. Yippee! I hate construction, especially when you’re sleepy and you have to stay in between cement barriers FOR 12 MILES!!!
We talked earlier and planned to get fuel at Meridian, MS. When we talked to Starla earlier she told us that there was a church in Meridian. We had found some others along our route but this one seemed like it would work out since we would be staying there anyway.
We were both so very tired when we parked. There were only 3 parking spaces left in the whole place. We estimate over 150 trucks in that truckstop.  I backed into a spot. We took the dogs for a walk, walked up to the restrooms and then went straight to sleep.
We got up this morning and pulled back the curtain and it seemed a whole other world. Almost all of the trucks were gone already. And it was only 7:15 eastern time. (We are on central time here.) We went for a shower, took the dogs for a walk, drank some coffee and then set off for church.
The church was about 12-13 miles away, but mostly interstate so it didn’t take long to get there. We had no idea what to expect. It was a nice looking yellow brick building with a big sign with changing words outside. It said that current temp. was 71 degrees and gave the mornings scripture text. There was a very large parking lot so getting the truck in was no issue.  In the back was a big grassy area. We were early so I left the dogs out without their leashes and they got to run around for awhile before people started arriving.
Shortly we noticed that people were coming and carrying food into the building. We put the dogs in the truck and went inside. We weren’t even inside yet when two men came over and introduced themselves and made us feel welcome.
I was very surprised when we entered the building. The inside was gorgeous. You walked into a foyer that opened up into a sitting room with 2 couches facing each other and several other cushy chairs scattered around. It was beautifully decorated. I noticed a ladies room so I went in. Oh my, I wish I had brought my camera inside. There was a couch and large sink with 4 washbowls, real flowers in baskets, and candles and real towels. It was lovely.
The auditorium of the church was just as nice. It really was pleasing to the eye. And the people were so very friendly. There really is something to be said about Southern Hospitality. I would say 85% of the people came up and spoke with us. There was this one little older lady. She was dressed in a brown pantsuit. She had her gray hair in a bun with a brown bow tied around it. She had a silk scarf with animals all over it and a Noah’s Ark pin. She gave me candy and a pack of gum. Her name was “Miss Betty.” She told me that if she gets to Heaven before me, she will hold the gate open for me.
The Sunday School lesson was about the Trinity; the Holy Spirit in particular. It was a discussion type lesson and most participated.
The preacher was a young man, 26 years old. He has been preaching there for 1 ½ years. They really like him there. He was a very good speaker. The Sermon was entitled, “The Value of Your Soul.” The scripture text was Mark 8:35-38. It was very thought promoting.
It was a wonderful experience. I love visiting different congregations and realizing they are my family. It was nice to meet fellow brothers and sisters for the first time. I hope we get to go there again sometime. Next time we will stay for the fellowship dinner afterwards. It was 82 degrees when we came out.
We are on our way now to Baton Rouge. We are going to be about 8 miles from our delivery. I plan to do some laundry today and maybe get a good nap.
How about those San Francisco Giants? It was great to hear them win the national league pennant.

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