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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Well our day off is almost over

It was a nice day. Got up around 7:30 and cleaned the truck a little bit. We have been organizing and rearranging to utilize our space as wisely as possible. We had breakfast and took the dogs for a walk and when we got back to the truck we got a phone call from Linwood. He was just around the corner and wanted to come visit. He stayed and talked and caught up for about 3 hours. How nice to see someone you love.
After that I mixed up a crockpot of chili for supper. I thought we might walk into Pilot and get us each a hot dog to go with it. Boy, did it smell good cooking.
It is very warm here. Hot actually. Bright and sunny and just a lovely day. I wish I had my lawn chair to sit outside with the dogs. I'm afraid to see summer come to an end.
Then I took a nap. Usually I take a good nap on Sundays, but tomorrow is going to be crazy rush day. Well, not rush but I will again be driving for 10-11 hours straight, so I figured a nap today would be good. After that I walked over and did the laundry. I took my book along so time passed quickly and then a nice looking, polite, and interesting man came in and talked to me. It was Pops. Had you going didn't I? I do love him so much. So far so good! It's only been 5 days. lol He told me he just got off the phone with Dan Hughes, a very good friend of ours. I miss Dan and his wife Valerie. They are good people.
Once the laundry was put away we had our supper. We didn't think we needed the hot dogs so we just had chili. It was really good and I am so glad that we didn't get the hot dogs. I couldn't even finish my bowl of chili.
It is now 20:41 which I can quickly know is 8:41pm. Our time has to be military and always eastern time. I don't know if we are going to listen to a ballgame or watch a movie. I know I do want to call my dad. I miss him and I love him so much.
Linwood suggested to us earlier that we go over to Stone Mountain, GA (about 43 miles from here) it has 3 confederates carved into the mountain. I guess maybe something like Mt. Rushmore? Anyway, he relayed a story to us about the time he took Buck and Sandy there. He said to Buck, "What do you think about that?" Buck answered, "Looks like a bunch of losers to me." hahaha He is so funny sometimes. Don't anyone ever tell him I said that.
So good bye for now. More later.
Love, Noni


collettakay said...

Enjoy the rest of your day off! Be careful and stay safe.

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

Glad you had a great day off.

Kim said...

I've enjoyed your posts so much! Almost like riding with you two! Keep posting.

Chad said...

I hope you all stop at Hillsville in the future!