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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week before surgery

When we decided to work up until Pops' surgery, we hoped to have a good week. Bills were beginning to pile up and we needed the income. But God had other plans for us, as He so often does.
We got a good load when we left the house. We had to drive the whole way to Kentucky to pick it up though.
The evening that we left the house I began to get a sore throat and by the time we got to Kentucky, it was turning into a raging cold. And to make matters worse, it was cold and raining hard and we kept having to get out of the truck and walk from place to place while waiting for our load.
It took ALL day to get that load onto our truck and by the time we were loaded and ready to go all the employees of the base were gone. When we drove up to the gate it was closed and locked with a pad lock. So we maneuvered our truck until we got turned around and drove back to the building were we got loaded hoping that someone was still there. There was another truck just getting ready to leave so we followed him. We reasoned that he probably knew where he was going. But he turned in the direction of the locked gate.
Now what to do? Well, maybe he knows something we don't know. Maybe there's a trick to it. But no, now both of us had to figure out what to do and we looked and felt quite stupid for doing it twice. So we once again drove back to the building where we started.
I called our dispatcher and told him what was happening. He told me that he would make some calls and call me back.
He called back in a few minutes and told us that it was shift change for the guards and someone would be at the gate in a few minutes. So one more time we drove back there. The other truck was still sitting there too.
After a few minutes the guards did show up and let us out. Wow!
So now, Pops laid down and I was driving. I could feel that I had a fever. I kept putting my hand on the cold window then touching it to my face. And I was bawly, like a little kid. I was feeling so sorry for myself. It was a rough drive. I was glad when Pops woke up and started to drive.
I doped myself up with Nyquil and rubbed Vicks cream all over and I went to bed. I did sleep really well too.
We made our trip and then went to the rest area in New Hampshire to wait our layover. I was so sick. I was constantly wiping germs with antibacterial wipes and washing my hands and covering my mouth. I was trying to be careful not to infect Pops. He sure didn't need to get this mess right before his surgery.
Chucky was being an angel. He is old and since Lucy stayed back home, he was the King of the Roost. But he mostly slept and since it was cold and rainy when we did go out, he took care of business and wanted right back in. Good boy!
We decided to drive down to a rest area in Connecticut in hopes of getting a load sooner, but we ended up spending the weekend there anyway. Oh well.
On Monday we got a load that picked up in Connecticut late that night and delivered in New Jersey on Tuesday.
It was a quick and easy load and after we delivered that we went out of service and headed home. Pops' surgery was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and he is sneezing like crazy.

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