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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Better again

I slept pretty well although I woke up once and saw lights flashing around in front of the windshield. I was groggy and reminded myself that there was a small airstrip directly in front of me. So I rationed that I was seeing lights from the airport. I wasn't thinking that I hadn't noticed airport lights before going to bed. But I ignored them and tried to sleep again. But then I heard a pounding on the door. I climbed out of bed and looked out the window. I saw a police officer. I put the window down part way and he asked me if I was ok. I told him that I was. Then I explained that Pops had been at that hospital then transferred but that I had been given permission to stay parked there. He said, "Okay, I was just making sure you were ok."
After he left I took the dogs out to pee and scolded them for not barking while he prowled around outside shining the light. They hadn't even barked nor gotten out of their beds when he pounded on the door. Some guard dogs they are!
In the morning I woke up and washed my hair and got dressed and drank my coffee while I waited for Tate and Shirley to come pick me up. I was so grateful for them being there.
They soon arrived and We moved the truck to a truckstop closer to the hospital. After letting the dogs out to pee, I locked them inside and we drove to the hospital. We parked in the parking garage and took the shuttle to the hospital.
When we got to Pops' room I could see that he had a look of discouragement on his face. We found out that even though his urine was clear and clean he wasn't able to pee on his own again. So they were going to release him but with a catheter once again.
So once all his instructions were given and prescriptions for 4 different medicines were obtained, he got a shower and then we were gone.
Once again the 4 of us caught the shuttle and then located the car from the garage.
It was rush hour so it was a slow trip back to the truckstop.
Tate and Shirley said goodbye and then left us. I was so glad to have company and someone I knew with me. I really appreciated them being there.
Pops and I tried to get settled but both of us were having a strange mix of feelings and thoughts so both of us were just kind of quiet. We had a quiet night, but he didn't rest very well.
We got up this morning and came straight to the pharmacy to get his prescriptions filled.
We have ourselves in service now hoping to work our way toward one so that Pops can see his own Dr.
Please continue to keep us and especially him in prayer. We just don't really know what to think.
But we are both still trusting in God. And we are forever grateful for such good friends that we have supporting us. All of you mean so very much to us.

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