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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Necco wafers

Pops and I are in Cambridge, Massachusetts today. Cambridge is the home of Necco.
Below are some neat facts about Necco.

in 1847, Oliver Chase invented a machine to cut candy wafers, and the "hub wafer" was born.
NECCO stands for New England Confectionary Company. It's the oldest candy company in the U.S.
The original 8 flavors are lemon, lime, orange, clove, cinnamon, wintergreen, licorice, and chocolate.
They were made in Chicago for a while in the 1800s, but the factory burned in the great Chicago Fire.
Union soldiers carried "hub wafers" during the Civil War.
Admiral Richard Byrd took 2 tons of NECCO wafers on his polar expedition in the '30s. During WWII, the factory manufactures war materials and NECCO wafers are part of soldiers' rations.
The Cambridge, MA factory used to have this awesome painted water tower.
If you mix NECCO wafers and Pepsi, it'll light on fire.
NECCO also makes those conversation candy hearts...And Mary Janes...

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