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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Medicated again

As soon as we got to Walmart Pops and I went inside. I went straight to the Pharmacy and got Pops' meds. I thought that he would take them and go back to the truck, but he surprized me by wanting to walk around the store and help me shop for some groceries.
We needed quite a few things so I walked around picking up what was on our list.
I passed the frozen foods and noticed some chicken wings in different flavors. I thought I might get some because Sunday is the superbowl and we will be watching. So as I put the bag into the cart something caught my eye. It was a little lizard. It was in my cart.
I asked Pops to get it out. He tried to calm me by telling me that it wouldn't hurt me. I don't care if it will or not, get it out of my cart. I don't even want it touching me or my things.
He picked it up by the tail and put it on the floor and immediately it scampered into a potato chip display. okay.
We continued walking around the store until we had everything on our list. We paid and took our stuff to the truck.
It seems like we no sooner had it all put away when we got a load offer. It was picking up in Darlington, SC and going to Alabama. I was really enjoying being in the south. Charlotte was still chilly, but the sun is shining and surely Alabama will be warmer.
So Pops tried to rest while I drove us to our pickup. We drove right past the Darlington Speedway. That was cool. And I saw a water tower that said, Alligator water. I wanted to take a picture but I missed getting one and then on the other end of town was another water tower but this one said, Alligator rural water. I did get a picture of it.
My heart was happy to be in the sunshine. And it was getting warmer. I even saw some daffodils blooming.
We made our pickup and then headed south toward Montgomery, Alabama.
It was a really nice drive. But then we got to Atlanta around 7pm. Honestly this city always has the most traffic and everyone drives like they are on a speedway.
By nightfall we were in Alabama and getting close to our delivery.
The place we were going was about 70 miles of two lane rural roads so it was slow going. It seemed to take us forever but we finally got the load off and then we were heading back to Montgomery for our layover.
Pops is still feeling pretty bad. He is still getting the bladder spasms. I feel really badly for him. I wish there was something I could do to help him.
I slept really well, but he didn't. He barely slept at all.
The day here was fantastic. It was 71 degrees and sunny. We have a pretty good parking space and the dogs are enjoying their outside time too. It is good medicine for us. And Pops went for several laps around the parking lot.
We got a lot of stuff done today that has been put off. We got to relax. We did have a pretty busy week. We ran everyday since we left the house. So sitting still was nice.
I found a church in the directory and already spoke to the preacher. I am excited to be going to a new one for us tomorrow.
Please, keep Pops in your prayers. I know that he has to be terribly frustrated, but he is being really patient about all of it.

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