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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We got to worship at our home church, Wills Mountain Church of Christ, this past Sunday. Our preacher, Chad, wasn't there because he was in the hospital with a bad infection. So our Sunday School Class was taught by Melvin.
Starla and I had gotten there at the last minute so I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone. So the minute class was over my good friend, Jane was right beside me offering me hugs.
Once we went to the auditorium for worship, I saw that Donna had her 1 year old grandson, Dexter, right behind me. I held out my hands in a gesture letting him know that I wanted to hold him and he came to me.
I was surprised that he did because usually little ones won't.
Dexter always seems to me to be so outgoing and pleasant. So he left me hold him and rock him. Then he laid the side of his face against my cheek. This stirred an odd feeling inside of me, and I wanted to hug him tight. It reminded me of the times when my babies were little and I had just fed them and everything was quiet and satisfied and we would just stare into each other's eyes.
Little ones are so precious.
I was only 17 when my first child was born. It was all new to me because I had never really spent much time around little kids of any sort. I wanted to be a good mother, but babies don't come with instruction manuals. I depended a lot on my mother for help and guidance.
I remember calling her once when my baby would not stop fussing. I told mom that I had fed her and changed her and she still was fussy.
My mom told me that the first thing I needed to do was calm myself down because babies can tell when you're not comfortable with them and then they can't be comfortable either. Then mom told me to get a blanket and wrap her up tight. "Little babies like to be tight like they are still in your belly." She told me. "Call me back when she goes to sleep."
I did exactly what my mom told me to do and it worked. Many times I called my mom when my kids were little, she always seemed to know what to do.
So I held Dexter for most of the beginning of service. It was nice.
We went home directly after the service. Pops needs to feel calm and private when he is trying to go to the bathroom.
But we will come back tonight.
I sure miss everyone here.

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