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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to Work

We are back to work. It is a brand new year and things in my mind are supposed to be fresh and new but I was heavy and weak and down.
Pops is still not well and the future is uncertain. Jeff is gone and even though we did all we could to help Jane by long distance we weren't there Things just don't feel right and no matter what I do I can't make them right.
Lucy is having trouble with her eye again too. And the dogs both got some sort of stomach virus while we were in Alabama so we had to stop the truck every half hour or so because one of themwas vomiting   or having diarrhea. Oh, boy. I just want to feel alright again.
We ran a few trips here and there but honestly our hearts or minds were not in our work. We had to remember we had to try to work our way home again by the 12th for Pops' Dr. appointment.
He was getting used to the catheter and the antibiotics were helping him to feel better so that was good.
After a few days the dogs got over their mess, except for Lucy's eye. So I called and got her an appointment for the vet while we were going to be home. Turns out her appointment was the exact same day and time as Pops'.
Pops' appointment was on a Saturday and we planned to just be home for the weekend. So imagine our disappointment when our time at home was nothing like we hoped it would be.
We got home and unloaded our dirty clothes and got settled.
We got up the next morning and got ready to go. I was going to the Dr. with Pops and Starla was taking Lucy to her appointment.
Starla dropped us off and we went inside. Since it was Saturday there weren't many people there and we got in right away. The Dr. came in and talked to Pops and explained what he thought was going on and all the different options that we faced. But the hinge was whether or not he was going to pee when the catheter came out. So they once again filled his bladder with water and removed the catheter. And once again no pee! We waited and tried several time but nothing happened.
The Dr. came back into the room and explained to us that it was going to require surgery.
At that same exact moment I got a text from Starla telling me that Lucy was going to have to have surgery on her eye.
Well, I guess getting back to normal was just a little further into the future than what I thought.
So the catheter was once again reinserted and a date was set for surgery, January 23rd.
Starla picked us up and she had 2 different medicines for Lucy and we needed to call and schedule her surgery on Monday.
Pops and I planned to go back into service and work up until his surgery date so it was decided that Lucy would stay behind with Starla and Bill and have her surgery.
We enjoyed a wonderful Lord's day service with all our friends at Wills Mountain. The Sunday school lesson was good and the sermon was really good. I can't wait until we can be here all the time. I really miss all these people especially the beautiful ladies of the First Place group.
We went into service on Sunday afternoon but didn't get our load until Monday. So we packed up our truck and said our goodbyes and away we went, leaving Lucy behind. :(
Hopefully she will do fine on Tuesday, that is when her surgery is scheduled.

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