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Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend in Montgomery

Pops and I had a very good weekend layover in Montgomery, AL. We got here really late Friday night. When I woke up on Saturday morning we were parked at the TA truckstop.
We were tired and Pops wasn't feeling very well again so we just spent the day relaxing and resting.
I cleaned the truck, got caught up with bill paying, finished up all our paperwork and basically just took it easy. I looked in the directory and located a church. They had a website and a Facebook page so I looked them up and then called to see about parking. It wasn't long before I got a call back from Jay Thompson the preacher and so we made arrangements to attend church there.
After church on Sunday we went directly to the shop at the truckstop to get our lights worked on and get new wiper blades.
And then Pops and I went into the restaurant for dinner. Both of us ordered the chicken fried steak. They had cheddar broccoli soup on the salad bar and it was really good, it had potatoes in it.
We tried to get our tv to work after we ate. We never watch TV, but tonight was the Super Bowl and our favorite team was playing, so we wanted to watch. But we couldn't get it to work. But luckily for us, CBS was live streaming the game over the Internet. So we did get to watch. And guess what? Our team, the Baltimore Ravens won!
Monday morning I worked on gathering our tax stuff. What a chore that is. I was hoping to have it gathered by the time we go home.
We are supposed to be going home this week. Pops has a Dr appointment on Friday, so we need to think about soon heading that direction. So why then did we accept a load going to Texas? Well all of you that follow us know that Texas is our favorite place to go. We are to be there by tomorrow morning at 6:30. Hopefully we will get a load that will get us close to home after this.
Please keep Pops in your prayers. He is improving, but still has some ongoing problems.
I just absolutely adored my weekend in Alabama. I loved wearing my shorts and flip flops. The temps were in the high 60's all weekend and sunny. I hear they are getting some pretty heavy snow and power outages back home. No, thanks!

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