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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A little Different

It got dark quickly as we drove down to Atlanta. Before long we ran into rain too.
I can't hardly believe we were in Tennessee this morning then to North Carolina through South Carolina into Georgia for a pickup and the whole way to Detroit by tomorrow. We sure have been traveling. But I don't mind.
When we got to our pickup it was late and raining really hard! Pops got out to open the doors and go inside to find out in which dock they wanted us. He was wringing wet after that. I worried about him getting sick so after we had the load on, before he started the drive, he changed clothes.
I went to bed.
When I woke up we were at a scenic rest stop on top of Rarity Mountain. This is a very beautiful area on the northern border of Tennessee just before entering Kentucky.
I have always wanted to stop here and take pictures but we never did and now it is still too dark and foggy. Oh well there will be other opportunities.
I started driving now and drove the rest of the way. It took all day to go through Kentucky and Ohio and then into Michigan. We reached our destination about 5pm.
As soon as we got the load off we were sent to Ann Arbor for layover.
We found a church to attend through a friend that we had met while in Seattle. Her son is a pilot and lives in this area and the church is only 9 miles from the truckstop.
Boy, is it cold here. I don't know why we can't manage to go and stay south for awhile.
During the night Pops woke up not feeling well and it was chilly in the truck so he started the truck and it shut off, he repeated this for 3 tries. The truck would not stay running for even 10 seconds. Oh brother, now what?
So we burrowed under the covers until morning. Of course we couldn't attend church because of this o we had our own services and studies and communion.
It turns out that our problem was really simple. It had something to do with the sensor in the coolant, but thank goodness it was minor.
So we enjoyed sitting still for this day anyway. We watched a good movie, The Help. We both liked it a lot.
We got to sleep the whole night through Sunday into Monday too.
On Monday we got a load. But we had to drive the whole way to Dover AFB in Delaware to pick up. We had to get there by Tuesday morning early.
So away we went. I started the drive but I wasn't feeling well for some reason. I was sick in my stomach and oh, so tired. So after a little while, somewhere in Ohio Pops started to drive.
He drove the whole night through and we got to Dover just on time.
It took about 2 1/2 hours to get our load on and get going. We are going to Mount Pocono.
It was a 2 1/2 hour drive but we encountered a problem. The turnpike was shut down, totally. There was a vehicle fire. So we lost over a half hour. I tried desperately to make up some time and we got there 15 minutes ahead of our scheduled time. But, we had 3 separate deliveries at this base and the last place would not accept their shipment. They told us that we would have to come back in the morning.
I could not believe it. We were already predispatched on another load too. We lost the predispatch.
We were angry.
We left the base and drove over to Walmart in town. We had to have a prescription faxed there for Bill. He is doing good peeing now but still gets the spasms so bad. After we left Walmart we drove back over to the base and parked for the night.
The next morning security woke up all the truck drivers and sent them one by one over to the main gate. We were already up and had had our coffee and breakfast.
Our truck was covered in thick ice. It had rained and frozen all night. When I got out to take the dogs out and shut the door, it broke loose the ice from the roof and it all came sliding down the windshield onto the hood of the truck.
We got unloaded quickly and then drove to Wilkes-Barre for layover. We did not even quite make it before we got a good load. It is picking up near Boston and going to Florida. Oh, yes!
So here we sit in about 50 miles outside Boston waiting until early morning to go in. We are picking up near Harvard.
We are scheduled to deliver in Florida on Friday at 1:30 in the afternoon. Maybe we will have to spend the weekend there. Wow, I wonder how I'll stand it?

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