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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Toughman Contest

Our youngest son, Drew recently entered and trained for a Toughman Contest.
Drew has lost and kept off over 100 pounds. He looks great. He is very diligent in his daily exercise and in watching what he eats. I am so proud of him.
When he announced to Pops and I that he was going to compete I was very worried. Drew has never been a fighter. I wouldn't consider him to be aggressive either.
But he was very adamant that this was something that he wanted to do. So he trained hard for it.
The competition was held in West Virginia at a High School. It was scheduled for 2 days.
Everyone would fight the first evening and if you won, you would move on to the next day. If you lost, you were eliminated.
Of course Pops and I was on the road at this time so I asked Shelbie, Drew's girlfriend, to please keep me updated. So 2 minutes before his first fight she sent me a text to let me know.
Oh my!
After about 7 minutes I got another text from her telling me that he had won and was moving on the next day.
Later that evening Drew texted me and was all excited. I still cannot believe he was doing this.
Again the next day Shelbie let me know when he was about to fight. After a few minutes she texted me back and told me that he thinks he broke his thumb during the fight but was going to fight the next round anyway. What?!?!
After a few minutes that seemed like a very long time, she let me know that he had won his second fight.
Now he was in the semi-finals.
There was a little time between his fights, I guess about an hour or so. Then she let me know he was about to fight his third fight.
How on earth is he going to fight with a broken thumb?
In a little while I got a text from Shelbie telling me that Drew had lost this fight by judges decision. He had fought the fight until the end, but was no declared the winner.
I was so glad that it was all over and that he didn't have his nose broken. Now I could stop worrying about his craziness. Yeah, that's what I thought.
But then my phone rang. It was Drew. He was so excited telling me all about his fights. And telling me how next year was going to win the whole thing!
Well, I guess that gives me a year to toughen up my nerves. A mom can't hardly take this kind of stuff.

PS While we were home this past time, Drew brought the video from his fights up to the house for us to watch. And I have to admit, he looked really good. I was impressed.
I am so very proud of that young man.

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