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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Dr Appointment

We got up early the next day but Bill P. had already left for work. We carried over what we thought we would need while at home along with all our dirty clothes and the bag of sheets and blanket that I hoped would come clean from the blood.
I started working on laundry right away.
Pops' appointment was not until 3pm so we just tried to relax and not worry. Around 1pm we removed his catheter so that we could see what would happen and save some time at the Dr. Nothing happened. I tried so hard to hide my disappointment. I really want him to be able to go on his own and I want him healed.
When we got to the Dr, we told everything that had happened to Pops in Dallas while they typed everything into their computer. We showed them all the pictures of the blood and gore too.
They explained what we knew they were going to say, the same thing we had been told in Dallas, that it is not a common occurrence, but not all that unusual either. Somehow, his wound had begun to bleed and it just slowly built up inside of him until it couldn't any longer.
So now he was told that we are back to square one. He has lost all progress that he had made with his bladder before the bleeding. He would need to once again begin to re train his bladder to contract and pee and relax and retain in between. And we were told to pray for patience. Ha, I thought to myself, I thought that is what Doctors did. Lol
And another thing, we were only to expect baby steps!
I don't want baby steps! I want leaps and bounds. I will try to be patient but I hope I don't have to be for long. And why is a bladder such a dumb Body part? I mean, come on! Enough already.
I really tried to keep my frustration and disappointment from showing but after 34 years of marriage he could see and feel it and I could see that he was feeling the same way.
And to make matters worse, Pops was told to stop the spasm medication in 2 days.

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