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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Twisted our arm

We sat all day at the Walmart lot. We didn't get any load offers. I just couldn't understand that. Dallas is usually busy. So when we checked our status on the computer we saw that Fedex didn't put us back in service even after we had messaged them to do so.
I called Shirley and she called up there and had them put us into service. It was now 4pm. Wow, we missed all the days action.
After that we got a few load offers but they were short runs right around the Dallas area and didn't pay much so we declined. Then around 8 o'clock we got a load offer, it picked up in Valliant, OK and delivered at 5:30am in Mansfield, LA. Then we would have to come back to Dallas for layover. It didn't pay much. We declined. Then Pops' phone rang, it was Fedex. "What will you do that for? They wondered. Please, we need you to do it." So Pops and I talked it over and figured an amount, but before we called them back the trip came back to our computer for $100 more than what we were going to ask for. So ok. We will make some money and be to Dallas by 10am.
That trip went well. We didn't have any problems except neither of us got very good sleep so once we were back to Dallas we turned on the A/C and took a nap until someone running a lawnmower woke us up. I love Texas!
It's ok though, because not long after that more load offers came out. Pops had just taken one of his "good pills" so he was spacey. We had one load that would've paid us really well and taken us to New Jersey. The person who sent out the offer to us had the initials of RAD and Pops refused the load telling them that we don't do radioactive loads.
Then he went to work in the back of our truck.
I looked over the load offers to see what I missed and noticed we he had done, so I sent a message saying that we would do that load to New Jersey, but it was already given to another truck. When he came back inside the truck I told him that he read it wrong. He was so upset himself. I told him it was no big deal, that we would get the load we were supposed to get.
Pops decided that maybe he should try to get some more rest so he laid down on the bed. I was texting back and forth with our son, Tom.
Then a good load offer came that would land us in Toledo, OH on Sunday morning. I accepted it but told Tom that I doubted we would get it because there were still several trucks ahead of us. But we did get the load. Yay us!
So we would go to Houston to pickup then head to Toledo.
Other than Pops' goof up with that one load offer, he did pretty well today.

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