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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Time passes too quickly

We got home Thursday around noon. We have a lot planned for these few days. I know time will go by so quickly.
Pops has a Dr appointment for today. It is a follow up for his bladder problems. Everything seems to be going so much better lately. I really do think he is almost completely better.
I started a load of laundry and Pops got a shower.
We also needed to go get some groceries so we left the house early.
Pops' appointment went pretty well. They made a change in his medicine and now he doesn't come back for 6 months. Yippee!
We just relaxed the evening away.
Friday we got up early. I needed to run all our tax stuff over to the accountant and then I was meeting my sister for breakfast.
I was so glad to see Amy. We had fun catching up with each other over breakfast then we went shopping at the thrift store. We like to see who can get the best bargains. We love thrift store shopping. It was a good time but it ended way to soon.
I had to get going because Frankie, Melynie and our grand kids were coming after lunch.
I went home a cooked up a big pot of ham pot pie.
We ate as soon as they got to the house. And in no time the soup was all gone. I just love it when my food gets all eaten. Then we busted out the Easter candy and fudge and before long we had one pretty revved up little boy. Zachary kept the rest of us busy the rest of the afternoon.
It was so good to see Derrick. He is home from Afghanistan and is on leave from his base in Kansas. He looks so grown up now. No little boy left in that one for sure.
Katie is growing into a gorgeous young lady. She is so good at sports. And this week will mark 5 months that she has dated her boyfriend, Austin.
Frankie talked with Pops in the kitchen and Melynie and I got to watch the Disney Channel and Sponge Bob with Zachary, who really wasn't watching.
It was great visiting with them.
Later the other three grand kids came. It was their weekend with their dad, so it worked out good for us.
Saturday I had to go pick up our taxes. They were finished already.
The Perdew family was busy doing their thing with running the Grands here and there to sports and other places that they needed to go.
Pops went with me to Cumberland. I wanted to get a hair trim. So he walked around the sporting goods at Walmart while I went for a haircut.
Then we went home for a nice evening in front of the TV with the family.
Sunday was Resurrection Sunday and also Hunter's birthday. Of course we were going to church but then afterwards we were going out to eat.
I love when we are at our home church. It is so great getting to see everyone that is o special to us.
Charlie taught Sunday School then Chad preached a really good sermon. I sure miss being part of a church family. I thought when we took this job that we might be able to hang onto that, but it didn't quite work out that way. Even though the people at Wills Mountain are so very dear to us, it still just feels like we are visitors now. But that is okay until we come off the road in 2 years. I don't mind being visitors at churches. We get to visit a lot of good ones and have made some really good friends doing this.
After church we went to a Chinese restaurant. Drew went with us since his plans had to change and he can't come up tomorrow. Shelbie was with her family today so we didn't get to see her this time at home. We missed her though.
Pops and Bill P. and Hunter got froglegs. I haven't ever tried them. Hunter ate everything on his plate except the froglegs. I asked him if he was going to eat it and he just shrugged. Pops and Bill had already eaten theirs and was going on and on about how they taste "just like chicken." Hunter still didn't pick it up.
Finally I told him that if he tried it that I would too. I honestly didn't think he would, but he picked it up and took a big bite. After he ate it, I picked up the rest of his and took a bite. It DID NOT taste like chicken, but it wasn't bad. It did have a slight fish taste but was the consistently and appearance of chicken. We all survived.
We all went back to the house after that. Allison and Kailey rode with us in our car.
I enjoy having the kids around.
The kids went home later in the afternoon. And we went back to church for evening service.
Time is flying by so quickly. Only one more day.
The next morning Starla went with me to get the groceries that I would need for the truck. Then we picked Tom up and went back to the house. I miss Tom. I don't get to see enough of him.
I was making the Bacon wrapped chicken, macaroni salad and oatmeal cake for supper. Of course we had some other stuff too and then all the fudge and pies. Good thing the diet is starting tomorrow. Supper was good.
Tom stayed all afternoon and into the evening. We watched the Giants play baseball and lose to the Dodgers. Oh well.
We took Tom home a little after 7pm. Pops and I are going into service at 8. This is it. Vacation is over, time is up.
We didn't get a load until the next morning. So we got to spend another night in our bed. Then we scrambled around and was out of the house before noon.
We are picking up in New Jersey and going to Raleigh, NC.
The picture is Raleigh.

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