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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This past weekend

We had a trip that gave us the weekend in Florida. We delivered near Jacksonville Saturday morning. Then we drove south for many miles to Cocoa Beach area.
We have a pickup near Miami on Sunday night.
Pops had driven all night so he slept some on Saturday at the rest stop. I did some paperwork and paid some bills. Then I looked for a church for tomorrow.
Pops and I decided to visit a church of a Facebook friend, Scott Sheridan.
We spent the night at a truckstop near the church.
The next morning we drove over to the building. It was in a plaza and had a lot of parking.
Scott met us in the parking lot and then introduced us to everyone.
Sunday School was first and Scott taught a lesson from the Book of Daniel. It was a very good study. He gave us the entire lesson booklet to take with us. Great!
After SS we went into the auditorium. It is a small congregation, but everyone was real friendly and made us welcome.
We sat with Shelly, Scott's wife and his son, Stephen, played guitar during the singing.
Then Scott preached a sermon about Cornelious and his household.
After church Scott grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for anyone who cared to stay. Pops and I stayed and we each ate one burger, no bun. We stayed on our food plan and still enjoyed some extra time with Scott, Shelly and a few others.
It really was a good service and a nice visit. I hope we get to return again soon.
When we left there we drove a little further south and stopped to do laundry. Then we drove down to our pickup destination.
Our pickup time was supposed to be 9pm but we didn't get out of there until 1am. Now 1437 miles to Toronto, Ontario.
But first, find a Walmart, I need some groceries.

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