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Thursday, April 11, 2013


We started our week with a trip from Philly area to Louisiana and now it looks like we will be finishing our week there too.
We delivered there Tuesday afternoon and then got some maintenance done our truck. The truckstop was full! There was not one available parking spot. So we headed over to Walmart and spent the night parked in their lot.
The next morning we got a load picking up in Arkansas and going to Lufkin, Texas. Yeehaw! I love Texas. Although we were really enjoying Louisiana too.
It took us most of the morning and afternoon to get to our pickup. It was. Government load.we got loaded at 6pm, and because it was only 256 miles to our delivery and they wouldn't accept our product until 8am AND it was a security load we had to go to a safe haven and park for awhile.
This is all behind a liked gate with security officers. And one of us had to stay awake at all times.
I slept! Lol
Pops got us rolling around 2am. A bad thunder storm had come through he told me. I heard it but didn't really pay attention until the temperature dropped about 40 degrees and I got cold.
I slept until we were itching 15 minutes of our delivery.
While Pops was inside getting the load off, a load offer came and I accepted it. It is picking up in Fort Worth this afternoon and going back to Hammond, Louisiana for tomorrow morning.
This week is awesome getting to spend it in two very nice places.
Hello, Duck Dynasty, here we come

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