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I am so glad you are here. Stay with us as we travel everywhere. I hope you will enjoy the ride.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


We spent the weekend on a load to Providence, RI. It delivered yesterday early and then we got a load offer going to North Carolina. We accepted and got the load. But then it cancelled.
So now we are at an old rundown, closed up rest area just inside Massachusetts. We stayed there the rest of Saturday.
We looked for a church and even contacted the Rigo's to see where they go. But there was nothing to be found near us. So I got up and studied my First Place lesson before Pops got up. Then when he got up we listened to the sermon that Joe Guthrie preached last summer at Delmarva Family Camp. It was called, Act like a Man. It was a very good sermon and it was so good to hear Joe's voice. I sure miss him and his wife.
Then we had our communion and discussed some other things.
In the afternoon our company asked us to relocate to Trenton, NJ. So we packed up and got ready to move.
Right now we are in New York about to cross the George Washington Bridge. It is north of Manhattan and crosses the Hudson River.

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