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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As many of you know our job is a lot of hurrying and a lot of waiting.
We will sit at a layover spot and wait for our next dispatch. Occasionally we get predispatched but not often. Some layover places are better to wait than others too, as far as chances for a load quicker.
Florida, New England, Louisiana, Mississippi, and anywhere west of Kansas City are long waiting places. Chicago, Atlanta, Texas, Ohio, anywhere Midwest are usually good to get a load quickly.
We delivered in Florida on Friday but we weren't too concerned because we had a predispatched load.
However when we went to our pickup on Monday morning we were told that their product would not fit on our truck. They simply had too much for us, so our load cancelled. We were compensated a small amount for our trouble.
Now we were in a bind because here we are near Miami with 30 other trucks throughout Florida and chances very slim. But we were trusting that God provides what we need when we need it.
We sat all day Monday, we slept all night Monday night, we waited patiently Tuesday til noon, we did not see 1 load offer.
Our company offered us a chance to relocate to Atlanta. They would pay us only for the cost of the fuel, but chances for a load would be much better in Atlanta. So we accepted that deal.
It would be a 7 hour drive to Atlanta. I started the drive and drove for about 3 hours. Then Pops drove the rest.
We are getting some load offers but so far nothing we are interested in. There are 18 other trucks here in Atlanta.
So we are waiting. It is not the easiest thing to do. I try to be faithful in waiting. I try to be trusting and patient. I do believe that God always provides and His timing is perfect. And I also believe that sometimes there are blessings in waiting that we sometimes don't realize until later.
I have been working on our stuff for our taxes. I have been doing some cooking too. So the refrigerator has some food.
I will wait upon The Lord.

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