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Saturday, March 2, 2013

To the Moon

I am still excited about the rocket yesterday. I was a young kid in the 1960's. I can remember huddling around our big wooden tv set watching the moon landing and then watching the first steps on the moon.
It was an exciting time.
And being a child with just a tad bit of an imagination, it was easy for me to occupy myself and my little sister, Amy. She was 4 years younger than me and she was easily convinced to do whatever I wanted.
Our parents had a chair similar to the one shown below except it was white vinyl, so it was natural to me to see this chair as an Apollo capsule.
I would tell Amy to climb onto the chair and put a lampshade on her head for a helmet and I would spin that swivel chair around and around as fast as I could which meant she was taking off. Then I would stop the spinning and tilt the chair onto it's back on the floor and climb on with her. We would both be looking at the ceiling now. But actually we were flying through space.
We traveled to the moon and back many times.
And our mom would appear (on the moon) with no helmet! She would bring us Space food sticks and Tang.
Space food sticks were similar to cowtails candy except they didn't taste as good. They had a lot of protein which meant they tasted real nasty but that's what astronauts eat.
What a blast ( no pun intended) we had.

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