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Friday, March 1, 2013


It was rainy all night long but it wasn't too cold. We got up early and drove toward Boston. We were picking up in Cambridge which is part of Downtown Boston.
We had good directions so we drove straight to the place. Traffic and pedestrians were starting to increase and the dock area was small so it was a little tight getting in.
Once in we had to wait for our freight. It wasn't quite I just sat in the truck people watching.
After we got the load on we turned the corner and followed the directions back out. We past the odd looking housing unit in the picture below. It is called the Stata Houses. I don't know why it is but it sure was interesting looking. Then we turned another corner and drove right past Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT.
Then we were crossing the Charles River into downtown and after a few more turns we were back on the Massachusetts turnpike heading away from there.
Pops had to try to sleep because he would be driving all night. So I drove us through Hartford, CT and several other CT cities and then I had to drive through the Bronx down past NYC. I hate driving through the Bronx and across the George Washington Bridge but once across those you get to drive down the New Jersey side and get a good view of the NYC skyline. Then through a couple of New Jersey cities, Wilmington, DE, Baltimore, MD and around the outskirts of Washington DC. This is where I got caught up in rush hour traffic. I was tired and I had to go to the bathroom. But it was still 21 miles away, which usually means 25-30 minutes but in this traffic it was going to be a good hour or more. No way was I going to make it.
I started to think about options. But I realized that I didn't have any options.
After about 15 minutes Pops woke up and I explained my predicament. We decided that the next time I stopped completely I would pull the parking brake on and move the seat back and Pops would slide in and drive. So that is what we did. Thank goodness we have a toilet in our truck!
I only had less than 30 minutes of driving time left so once we reached the rest area, Pops started to drive legally.
I took the dogs out and we got something to eat and away we went again.
We were hauling a load that we weren't really allowed to stop long with. So we kept going as much as we could.
Right near Quantico,VA after Pops began driving we passed the building in the other picture below. It is the National Marine Corps Museum. It is right along I95 and at night it is lit up. It looks like a huge sundial sticking up through the trees.
We are delivering to Cape Canaveral tomorrow by 1:30pm. But I found out today that there was going to be a rocket launch there at 10:10am. That would be awesome if we could get there by then, but I don't think that it could possibly happen. We just have too many miles and not enough time.
I went to sleep while Pops kept on going.
I woke up near Savannah, GA. It was 5:30am and still dark. I took the dogs out and made coffee and I began to drive. Pops slept.
We got to our destination at 11:45. We missed the rocket launch by an hour and 35 minutes. Wow!
When we went in to the guardhouse everyone was friendly and in a good mood. I was telling them how disappointed I was that we didn't make it to see the rocket, so they turned the TV onto the replay of the blastoff. That was so cool and then The picture switched and I could see the rocket flying through space and asked if it was live. They told me that there was about a 15 second delay. I was just so excited. I was like a little kid.
When we got back inside the base to our delivery location, the man who came out to unload us had a picture on his phone that he took of the rocket just before they fired it up. I asked him if he would send it to my phone and he did. Yay!
Then before we even left the base we got another load and accepted it.
We get to spend the weekend off duty in Florida, pick up in Miami on Monday then head to Texas!

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