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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warm and Sunny South, Not Today.

Well we left the blizzards of Pennsylvania for the warm and sunny south, or so I had hoped. I started the drive and it was snowing so hard and fast in PA. We crossed into WV and same thing. I figured by the time we hit KY or at least TN we would be done with snow but Mother Nature had other thoughts.
We had snow through Arkansas and into Texas!!!
Arkansas in some places had 8 or more inches too. We crossed into Texas this morning before lunch and stopped at a rest area in Atlanta, Texas. There was flowers still blooming but they were surrounded  by snow. Not a lot of snow, but snow on the ground and it was cold. I went into the rest room and I kid you not, there was a thin layer of ice in the toilets. I ran back out to get my camera, but it didn't show up on the picture. Sorry.
We drove a good ways into Texas before we didn't see snow anymore. It was kinda funny watching the horses and cows on the ranches walking around in their pastures of snow.
The internet said that yesterday every state of the 50 had snow on the ground except for Florida, well I believe it.
We delivered our load in Houston and the man came out all bundled up and he was growling about the cold. I asked him about normal winters here and he told me that he grew up here and only twice has snow ever laid on the ground that he could remember, but that normal temps. for this time of year are in the 60's. It was 38 degrees there today.
After we got our load off we headed to Walmart because we had no groceries at all in the truck. And we were hungry. So that is done.
Now we are sitting at a TA truckstop in Baytown, Texas on layover. I hope they give us a good load tomorrow. But if not we could be somewhere worse, I'm sure.
I have some pix of snow in Texas I will get on as soon as I can.
PS: Prayer Warriors, please pray for friend of mine, Amy A., she is near death with Cancer. She was just diagnosed a few days before Christmas. She has two sons. Their dad died when they were young boys. Pray for this family, please.
Also, please pray for my sister, Amy. She has not been feeling well at all lately. She works too hard and too much and has many things to deal with. She needs prayer for strength and she needs encouragement. I love you, Amy.
Also, continue to keep our elder, Melvin, in prayer as he is waiting for infection to drain from his gall bladder so that he can undergo surgery. He has been sick a long time and needs strength back.
There are so many more, Annette for comfort and support, Tom, who has been dragging around stomach virus and cold for more than a week now, Sheryl who has 2 growths that need to be removed and biopsied. God is good all the time, and His will will be done.


Jeff's Journal said...

did you see your lizard friend at the rest area? Be careful, be safe, be warm. Tell Pops and the pups hi.

collettakay said...

And you thought you'd be escaping the snow!! lol

Be safe and I'll keep you and everyone you mentioned in my prayers.

Thanks for mentioning Dad. He's getting back to his spunky self and stealing goodies when Mom isn't looking. His sugar was only 91 though so I think it's OK to have a cookie now and then, don't you think?

Stay safe and hope to see you soon!