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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Church in El Paso

Well due to circumstances beyond my control I thought that we would not be attending church today.
We did get calls back from a church in El Paso, Celebration Christian Church, and yes they have parking available for our truck. Services started at 9:30, so we were all set but it was not to be. I cannot go into why we couldn't attend there but we did go to church.
I was upset thinking that maybe we wouldn't be able to go and Pops suggested the truckstop service. He had picked up the tracts inside and had looked them over and thought that we could go there and rightly divide.
So that is what we did. We walked up to the chapel/trailer at 9:30 or so we thought, but El Paso goes by Mountain time so we were an hour early. So we waited. There were some others there already too.
The church soon filled up with some homeless people, truck drivers and several passers by. I was impressed to see it full.
It was a very casual type of service, but everyone was friendly and talkative with each other.
We started with a song and then prayer. Then the minister got into the message. It was a very, very good message about the basics of the bible and christianity. I found no fault with anything he said. He used a lot of scripture and seemed to have a good interpretation of them. He held everyone's attention.
He did not give any kind of invitation at the end except to state if anyone had any questions or concerns they could stay after.
We did have communion although some refused it. Overall, it was a worship of our Lord and Savior that fulfilled me and left me feeling complete. It is good to know that I can find others who love God where ever I am.

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collettakay said...

I was thinking about you today. Glad you had a good worship service!