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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Frankie and Melynie's visit

We rarely get to visit with our son, Frankie, his wife, Melynie and their great kids, Derrick, Katie, and Zachary. They don't live real far away (about an hour and a half,) but Pops was always on the road and their family is so busy with the sports and activities of the kids. We love them and miss them so when we do get together it is always so good.
They came to visit us the last time we were in from the road, just after Christmas. When we answered the door we were surprized to see that spiderman was there. It was Zachary. He had a mask of spiderman, one of his favorite superheroes.
Katie came in. Wow, how very pretty she is and so tall. She is now taller than her mother. She looks older than what she is and looks so grown up.
Katie is so good at sports. She likes basketball the best. She says, "it is the bomb." She is also excellent at soccer. For as long as I can remember she has played some sport and has always been very good at any of them.
Don't grow up too fast, Katie. You are so pretty. We love you.
Derrick couldn't come this time. He is a working man now. And we all know when duty calls, we go to work. He works at McDonalds. He is a senior in school and will be going into the army once he graduates. He has always wanted to be in the military. Derrick is somewhat on the quiet side and reminds me so much of Drew. I cannot believe he is all grown up now. He is a man. I know that his mom is having trouble with these thoughts as well. I remember when Tom was getting ready to go to the military and I was not ready to let him go. It is hard and I feel for ya, Melynie.
I do appreciate a young man who knows what he wants and goes for it. Good for you, Derrick. You will be in our prayers. We love you.
Zachary, what a joy! He is so entertaining. He went from spiderman to wrestler. He grabbed our cat, Ti, and began to bodyslam him and roll around on the floor, trying to pin him down. Thank goodness Ti is so easy going, injuries were minimal, for Zach at least. I think Ti actually was a little sore and achey the next day, hahaha.
Zach picked up Starla's Ipod and began to play games. I was watching and was so amazed at how kids can pick up one of those gadgets and just seem to automatically "know" how to play and use it. He played the games so well as if he always does it. I don't even know how to turn one on. lol. We love you, Zach.
I made a big pot of ham pot pie and also a pan of chili so we had plenty to eat. And of course so many Christmas cookies too. We ate and then ate some more.
Melynie is a school teacher. She teaches kindergarten at Turkeyfoot Elementary. She was telling me how much she is enjoying her class this year. She says they love story time and figuring out what "the plot" of a story is. I am sure that her job can never being boring. I give her a lot of credit for the patience and love she has for all those children.
I love her so much. From the very time I met her at my niece, Heather's 16th birthday party, I really liked Melynie. She is a good match for Frankie and they have raised a great family. They are the most involved and supportive parents that I know. They will give up anything for any of their kids. And I think that they have. I also know that sometimes this can take a toll on a parent and I think that it has several times, but they adapt and make it all work. Melynie gives up so much of herself for her husband and her family. We love you, Melynie.
Frankie is a great man. Everyone likes Frankie. He is so very social. He is outgoing and likes to talk and takes an interest in everyone. HE LOVES SPORTS! He is so enthusiastic about life. Any conversation with Frankie is always a good one because of his enthusiasm. I am sure he could read the phone book and make it sound fasinating. He too, is a very involved parent, getting involved with his kids hobbies and sports.
Frankie and Drew seem to be most alike when it comes to our kids. Although Frankie is much more "chatty" than Drew is. They really look a lot alike too. We love you, Frankie.
Katie, Melynie, Frankie, Zach, Derrick couldn't be here : (

Can you see the resemblance in Drew and Frankie?

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