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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Got a load

We kept getting load opportunities, but as soon as we would "accept" the load we would get a notification that someone else got the load. Finally around 4:00pm a load came across leaving Houston around 6:30pm and delivering in Charleston, SC on Thursday morning. It was a Hazmat load. We accepted and got the load.
We got busy immediately and got going. We were about 10 minutes to pick up because of having to go through Houston right during rush hour. But we got loaded, (one small pallet) and got moving. I drove first and got us through Texas and just into Louisiana. Pops wanted to take over then so that we wouldn't be driving out of rotation like we did last week. So I went to the bunk while he drove us through Louisiana, Mississippi, and most of Alabama. I did feel him crawl into the bunk for about an hour during the night.
We are now just inside Georgia and have stopped for a break.
Once we get moving, I will be driving.
Please pray for my family this week. There is a lot going on and everyone is on edge. My sister is not sleeping, Starla is worrying and feels pulled apart. I feel helpless and frustrated.  I will fill you in on all of that later.
Keep Melvin in your prayers, although I hear that he is doing much better and beginning to eat "them out of house and home." hahaha
Please keep Pops and I in your prayers. Financially we are not doing well right now. We missed a lot of work over the holidays and are now playing catch up, but we're not "catching up." Know what I mean? I am hoping that our truck holds up and we can keep getting loads. We don't get paid to sit still.
Talk to you more later.
Love, Noni


Jeff's Journal said...

glad to see an update; sorry to hear about the finances; sorry to hear about the family matters; yea, Vern I know what you mean about not catching up but it is possible...I am the president of the "Catching up Club" and Jane is the treasurer we welcome your :)

Starla said...

I guess I can join the club then too. I haven't worked in over a month and need to find a job soon. I know the Lord will put the perfect opportunity on my plate soon. In these economic times, I highly doubt we will ever 'catch up', but we can do everything possible to keep trying!! If we continue to be good stewards of the money God entrusts us with, I feel He will bless us!! Love ya's!!

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

Timely post for The Rigo's. It seems like one thing after the other at our house. I am trying to remember to act and not react. Been keeping your dad and sister in my prayers and will add your situation as well.