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Friday, January 14, 2011

Dry Run

We could not sleep. We kept getting interupted with load offers, none of which we were interested in really. And then at 1:45 I received a text that my friend, Amy had just passed away. Thank you for your prayers for her, please continue to keep her family in prayer. I already told you that she lost her first husband when their children were early teens and had just remarried this past summer.
I got an update on Melvin, he is doing some better. I am told that he is sneaking sweets when his wife isn't looking. haha Way to go, Melvin.
We did get another load offer late this morning for an all in Texas, all today load. It was a hazmat load that paid about average but would leave us in Dallas when we were through. That is a good place to end up, so we accepted the load.
We got all of our info from the computer, did our paperwork and took off for the pickup. When we got there the workers were on lunchbreak so we waited. When they were ready we backed in, got loaded and Pops was putting on the placards. I had to pull forward so he could shut the doors. After all of that, I called in our departure call and the dispatcher asked me what temperature we had it set on. What? We do not have a temperature controlled truck!! I told her that and she said we would have to off-load and they would have to send another truck. Oh no, a dry run!
So I backed back into the dock and the shipper came out and wanted us to take the load anyway. We told him that we couldn't because FedEx told us not to. We got the stuff unloaded, removed the placards and shut the doors and that was that. We did get "compensated," but compensated won't even pay for a good meal for the two of us out somewhere. Oh well, It wasn't meant to be I guess.
So we drove back to Baytown, a suburb of Houston, to the TA and here we sit. I already have 3 churches picked out for Sunday. I sure hope one of them calls me back so I know about parking.
Oh well, at least it is warm and there is no snow here.

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