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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The rest of girl's day

Funnel cakes were a good idea, right? Well... I mixed up the batter and Kailey wanted to go first. I showed her how to hold her finger on the end of the funnel until over top of the oil. Then take your finger off and "swirl." She accidently got her arm against the fryer and burned herself, slightly. Then she got down to business and created a great funnel cake.
Ally was next and she was a pro. Hers came out so pretty and golden brown.
Starla didn't want to make her own so Kailey volunteered to make hers.
I made mine next and then Kailey wanted another one.
Lastly, we made an extra one to put away for Hunter, although I don't think it will make it until then. Oh well, Hunter, we thought about your, buddy.
After eating our cakes Kailey accidently sprayed Starla with powdered sugar and thought it was funny so she did it again on purpose. Then Starla got her back and war broke out. Until Noni stepped in with the voice of reason, "Someone is going to clean this mess up and it's not going to be me." Somebody's has to be that girl, ya know.
We did have a good time.
Now we are are watching "Dinner with Schmucks." I saw this movie already. This is one of the movies that I bought a few months ago when a group of us made a New York City trip and got chased by the Chinese. Never mind that. Anyway, it is a good movie. I think the girls will like it.
Kailey making her funnel cake

Final product

Allison making her funnel cake

Ally's final product

After the battle

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Starla said...

One of the greatest weekends!!! I love these kids and love you mommy!!