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Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm beat! And thanks for the prayers

After delivering our load in Charleston, we found a Walmart for a few groceries. I know it probably seems to you like we go there a lot and we do, but our refrigerator and cupboard space is limited so we have to shop more often. Plus, we get to eat fresher food that way too. Anyway, after getting our groceries put away, I heated up some soup and we had a sandwich. While we were eating we were offered a load picking up in North Carolina and delivering the next day in Rochester, NY. So we accepted and got dispatched on the load. Goodbye sunshine, boo hoo.
I began the drive from that point and we picked up and continued on through North Carolina. We began to notice that the some of the upper ridges of the Smokey Mts. were snow capped. The Smokey Mts. are absolutely beautiful, maybe not as grand as the Rockies, but every bit as awesome. They seem to go on and on, gently rolling along. Yes, the snow is pretty when viewed like that.
Once over the top of the Smokey and down into Tennessee, the snow was on the ground, but still not on the roads. I continued through TN and through Virginia and into West Virginia. They had a lot of snow, the pine trees were just hanging from the weight of the snow. Oh my, I do so LOVE Louisiana.
Once again I had to cross the New River Bridge in Beckley, WV. Have you looked it up on the internet yet? What are you waiting for? I just cannot stand that bridge. I HATE THAT BRIDGE!!! And it is snowy and slippery and windy and I just know that the wind is going to sway me and then I'll slide and end up going right over the side. But I won't die from hitting the bottom, no siree. I figure I will have probably a full minute or more before impact and I will have died from heart failure by then. Oh my, I can not even stand to think about the bridge.
So I tried to think of anything and everything else. I listened to the radio and something did catch my attention. It was a program on Foxnews. I called Starla to see if she could record the end of the show for me and before I knew it, I was on the bridge. "Oh my, Starla, I'm on the bridge, la la la. Oh no, oh my, la la la."
"What bridge?" she wanted to know. "La la la la la. I don't see any bridge, la la la."
"Oh, mom, that bridge. Bill, mom is on the bridge. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha."
Whew, I made it once again, Thank you, Jesus.
I continued to drive us through WV and into Pennsylvania until we reached a rest stop near Pittsburgh, PA. Than Pops took over and I hit the hay. It was snowing hard now and had been for over an hour. I have been driving for over 10 hours straight and my nerves were shot.
I didn't think that I would be able to sleep. There has been so much going on for my family this week too.
Please keep my family in your prayers this week. We have decided that the time has come for my dad to go into a personal care home. This week was his birthday, he is 74. He has been disabled since he was 16 years old due to a motorcycle accident and a few years ago, a drug addict came into his home, robbed him and beat him up with a sledge hammer. His body is really not good. He has almost no eye sight and gets confused with his medicine so going into a home will be good for him. On top of all of that, his house has fallen into disrepair and his water keeps freezing. So, tomorrow is the day he goes. It was not an easy decision, but things did fall into place really quickly. But it is still not an easy thing to do, even if it's the right thing to do.
And I had received a phone call from my son, Tom, asking for prayer. He is having to face a trying time at work and does not know how things will go for him. So I prayed and worried and prayed and worried about all of that too. I have been keeping God busy.
But I did sleep and I slept well although short, from 12:30am to 5:45am. It felt like only 1 minute had passed, but time to get up, we are almost at delivery. Then we can rest.
Or not, once we delivered that load to Kodak, we pulled into a truckstop and got a bowl of cereal and a banana and coffee. We were offered another load, and another load and then another. We accepted each one and ended up with one picking up in Buffalo today, Friday, and delivering today in Kent, Ohio. So up and at 'em.
Pops was still on the clock, I didn't have my legal 10 hour break yet, so he continued to drive to the pickup. It was real close (as in 1  block) from Lake Erie. I tried to take some pictures but it was snowy and gloomy.
We stopped for a quick break and then I drove. We made our delivery and was offered a layover option for Canton, Ohio. So here we are at a TA truckstop right where we do all of our training for FedEx.
Thanks to all of you who prayed for our family, who have called and been supportive and encouraged my sister too.
She will need prayer for awhile, it will be as big as a transition for her as for my dad. Pray for him and for the staff of the home as they all adjust to each other. Pray for my son, Tom and his unspoken situation. Continue to pray for Melvin, and for Ralph and Kelly (who are away on a "Romantic getaway.) And pray for me and Pops. We just celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary on Thursday. Wow!

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Kim said...

Prayers are being said...hang in there.