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Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Christian Church in Hammond, LA

This morning Pops and I received 2 phone calls regarding messages that I had left yesterday while searching for a church to attend. We made a choice and decided to attend the First Christian Church. It is about 2 miles from where we are staying and seems to be more of what we are looking for in a church. We found out that their starting times were 9:45 for Sunday School and 11:00am for Worship.
We got ready and left here at 9:30. They don't have a parking lot. They are on a corner lot with parking along the street on two sides of the building. We took up two parking spots, haha. But they said that was okay.
We were greeted and made welcome right away. We were shown to the Sunday school classrooms right away. I noticed that the place smelled like wood smoke, almost like a cookstove burning. It was homey and pleasant. The congregation looked to be mostly older people. We didn't see any young people at all for a long time.
Sunday School was an on-going lesson on the Book of Isaiah. They were on the 44th chapter on the prophecy of a redeemer. After being held as captives by the Babylonions, they looked forward to a redeemer. It was a very good lesson and the later discussion was interesting too. We talked about how our society is basically captive to many forms of oppression like government, communication instruments, etc. Our society definately needs a Redeemer.
After Sunday School we went into the auditorium for Worship. They have a band made up of the young people taught by a music major at a local university. They played a few Christmas songs. It was really good and the choir sang two Christmas songs one of which featured a solo by one young man. His voice was so good. I wish I had gotten his name.
The sermon was entitled, It's about Time. The scripture text was Ecc. 3:1-13. He talked about how everyone is so time conscious and really God is in control and has a set time for everything. Also about how when we use "time-saving" contraptions we are really wasting time and losing our skills of communication.
It was a very enjoyable and uplifting service. One couple, H.D and Peggy Terry lives near the truckstop and offered to pick us up next time so we don't have to drive our truck there. They were very friendly.
There were a few things that occured that we aren't used to, but scripturally we were satisfied  and will go there again if we are in this area.
First Christian Church, Hammond, LA

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Chad said...

That was what we did for SS as well. I'm glad you get to experience all the congregations like that. We are one body! ;-)