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Friday, November 26, 2010

Westward Ho!

We got a load for Sunday after church. It picks up about 40 miles from where we are and goes to Seguin, Texas. YeeHaw! Grab your cowboy hats. Can you say, Alamo?
So we got caught up with laundry today and took some walks and shopped the giftshop. The tattoo/piercing shop was open but Pops didn't want to go in there. hahaha
After supper we got our oil changed and a lube job. Now we are good to go. We have tomorrow off so I'm not sure what we will do just yet although as mentioned there is a movie theater here, free of charge and they are showing some pretty new movies. But who knows?
Our son, Drew, offered up a challenge to fast and pray tomorrow to show our thank for God's rich blessing of Thursday. So we took him up on the challenge. I was happy to see that my sister, Amy took him up on the challenge too.
I checked our church directory and found a church for Sunday morning. Our pickup is at noon so we will have to go to the early service at 8:30, but that don't bother us at all. I called to make sure there was ample parking for our truck, but had to leave a message. We will find a way to get there.
I am excited to go west again. We will be traveling through SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, and TX. We have been through all of those before and we will be traveling the same interstates so I feel like I know where I am going. If you look it up on the map we will be skirting the gulf coast again. And that means, ...bridges! But also the bayou. I am hoping that this time we can try those crawlfish baskets and maybe some boudin.
We are about 15 miles from our boss when we get there so they are planning on meeting up with us. I am looking forward to that.
Also a very good friend of mine has a daughter that lives really close by and she would like to meet up with us if only for a few moments. I sure hope we get to. I watch her on Facebook and I love the pictures of her kids. I would love to see them in person and give her a great big hug.
And what I like best of all about this upcoming trip.... it keeps us out of the snow, for another few days at least.

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