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Thursday, November 25, 2010


It is very hard to be away from those you care for on a holiday and especially Thanksgiving. I miss my family and friends even I have heard from many of them.
Starla cooked her first Turkey Dinner completely on her own this morning. She sent me a picture of it on my phone. It looks really good. Way to go, Starla. Her and Bill are taking that meal into my dad's house for him and then they are going to my sister's for a meal. Amy is a good cook too so I am envious.
But I put a small turkey breast and stuffing in the crockpot early this morning and I brought some homemade turkey broth from home so I can have noodles. My good friend, Jenny H. almost brought me some homemade noodles. I told her I'll take some at Christmas time. I miss you, Jenny. I hope your day is good.
Please, someone tell her I mentioned her in the blog.
We are also having some real mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, cranberry sauce and a yummy pumpkin roll, thanks to Kelly G.
It all smells so good right now.
We are still on layover and parked at a Petro travelcenter. They are having a huge all you can eat buffet with turkey, pork chops, ribs, ham and all the fixins for only $11.99, but we could never eat enough for us to be worth it. They are showing some good movies in their theater today too, but I have movies for us to watch.
It isn't busy here at all today so the dogs are getting to go out without their leashes all day. They are liking that. It was up to 67 degrees and sunny for a while but then it started to rain and that cooled things off a little.
We are going to put our Christmas tree up later. That should kill about 5 minutes. hahaha I am just glad to have one. I do really like our little home away from home.
Having the internet on our phones is great. I get facebook and myspace updates as they happen. That helps make me feel like I am still part of things. I can even check my blog with my phone and probably even update with it, but it is so much easier for me to type on a computer than to text my blog. I would have to really keep it short and I don't want to. I am going to get an air card for my computer for sure I just haven't yet. But, Keenan, I promise if not before Christmas I will get one then. haha
If you are a prayer warrior, I have a few requests for you to add to your list. First, my daughter, Starla who has a pacemaker and is having some issues. Pray that God will give her answers for that. Next, my good friend, Lettie, is experiencing some problems but she is being treated and I hope that she will start feeling good real soon. Next, our evangelist and his wife will be moving to North Carolina in about a week. They will be missed so much, but I know that God has a plan for them. They don't know anyone so pray that they make friends quickly.
Okay, time to eat finally. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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eaglespointe said...

there is no reason to be envious of Amy; I have your cooking quite often...and of course my favorite is your meatloaf...I'm glad you guys were able to have Thanksgiving in your home; of course Thnaksgiving isn't the food in front of us but the attitude we have; but it sure is nice to have the traditional food (we have a roaster chicken instead of turkey since there is only the two of us)...