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I am so glad you are here. Stay with us as we travel everywhere. I hope you will enjoy the ride.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I want to take some time right now to thank some of my friends who have been calling or leaving messages for us. It sure is a pick up to hear from people you care about.
Wayne and Nadine , you are such good friends and I thank you for being who you are. You were so good to Wills Mountain and we will be sad to see you go. I love you and wish you well. God has you in His hand and you will be blessed.
Hi to my friends at Rest Assured. Some of you have called or sent email messages and I appreciate that so much. I can’t to visit with you when I am home.  I will be up for sure. Tell the residents that I said hi.
Hey, Frances, we are glad when you call us. You always make us laugh. Take care of your family and tell J.T. that Billy says he better be good and get good grades.
My brother Jeffy, I like when you call or we get to talk to you, even if you make fun of us. I miss you a lot. You better get to Farmville. When I was there last there was still a lot of cotton to be picked.
Also, Lettie, Amy and Starla your emails and conversations are invaluable to me. I love all of you so much.
Everyone, keep us in your prayers. We love you all.


collettakay said...

Praying for you always!

Love ya!

Starla said...

Can't wait for you to come home......we really really miss you!!

Mary said...

Enjoyed your new blogs .... Went to the Tea Breakfast with Starla this morning. It was very nice. Left with a song in my heart .... Count your Blessings... which I plan on doing more. Your "church ladies" are wonderful people. Be safe, enjoy your adventures and prayers are with you both.