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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Post "something" depression

I need love and encouragement my dear readers. I am feeling really down in the dumps and depressed. It started a little bit on Friday and each day has gotten a little worse. I can't really describe how I feel except like after the birth of a baby or after the Christmas holidays. It feels kind of like a let down or something.
Don't get me wrong I am enjoying my visit with my family and friends but at the same time I feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.
I feel like I don't fit anywhere.
I don't like feeling this way because I am afraid that if I can't shake this feeling than I won't want to come home anymore. And I can't feel that way, can I?
Please pray for me.


collettakay said...

Praying for you, dear friend. Hope to see you this week. Make plans for your time off. Define your purpose for each day. Press on!

eaglespointe said...

I'm sorry you feel this way. This is your home and you are not a square peg. Your family and friends are here. You have been gone for a long while and it feels different. But please, please, please come home as often as you can.

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

I think what your are feeling is a normal part of change and adjusting. Hang in their, lean on Him and know that everyone loves and supports you! It'll take a little while to tweak your new lifestyle and to learn to adapt in different situations. When I'm home and George and the boys are in Mass, I want to be with them. When I'm here with them (like now) I miss home and want to be there. It throws me all of kilter and makes me anxious but I work through it and make the best of both situations.

I'll keep this in my prayers for sure!!

crabtree4194 said...

Praying for you hun. I understand how you feel tho. Sometimes when your gone from something for a while, it takes time to fit back in. Give it time and know that God is walking with you!

Kim said...

I think we all go through feelings like this from time to time. Just keep praying and asking for help. I just said to someone the other day, I feel like I'm in limbo. Going through each day, but no defined path. I guess we just have to (as Nemo said) just keep swimming! What did you tell me once, "every day in every way, things keep getting better and better".

litebearer said...

Dear friend know that God loves you so very much and He will be there for you. Hang in there and I love you also.