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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Enjoyable Weekend

Yesterday was such a good day. I met up with Carol Werner and Ruth Yoder, two very good friends from my old job at Rest Assured. We had lunch at Hobo's Restuarant in Ellerslie, MD, a 3 hour lunch! We had so much catching up to do. It was so very nice to see them. I loved catching up and hearing about what is going on their lives now. I have missed them and think of them often. And I do think of Rest Assured and the residents there a lot too. I plan on visiting there on Monday. I am anxious to see them again.
After that I picked up some groceries and snackie kinds of foods for the weekend. The kids are coming and I can't wait to see them. They have been asking about me too.
When I got home, I remade the bed in our truck with a new quilt that I picked up at Walmart. The blankets that I had on our bed were a little narrow and when we did sleep together in the bed we had a "tug of war" with the blankets the whole time. The new quilt should take care of that.
Starla and Hunter showed up around 6:20 and Bill, Allison and Kailey came about 5 minutes later. I was so glad to see them.
In the evening we were getting ready to watch a movie so we decided to pop some corn. We couldn't find any microwave so we decided to pop some the old fashioned way. We put some oil in a pot with a glass lid and added some kernels. Well, you would think I invented the most amazing thing. We all had such a great time watching the corn pop. Then we slathered it with butter and salt and Hunter and Bill sprinkled on some Old Bay Seasoning. Then we settled in to watch a movie, "Grown Ups."
This morning when we got up Starla made us a good breakfast of bacon, eggs and homefries. It was good. Then we had to take Allison to Cumberland to meet up with her mother for an appointment. The rest of us went up to the mall to look around. I ended up getting all of their Christmas presents at Aeropostle.
After shopping we came home to fix supper. We also made a jello cake for later.
Hunter and Bill went to the woods for awhile before supper. They got all dressed up in their camoflauge.
We had meatloaf and stuffing for supper. Then we had some cake.
After supper the kids watched Marmaduke. I watched some of it and then came up to my room to study my First Place lesson. It wasn't long before I was invaded by 3 dogs and two kids. All laying around on my bed watching me type my blog. "say hi, kids." They say hi.
Pops should soon be home and tomorrow we will be going to church. I cannot wait to go to First Place again. I miss my friends there so much.
Kailey has basketball practice tomorrow so she will be leaving us in the afternoon. I don't know when I will see her again. Probably not for a month or so. :(
More later.

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