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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back from the West

We came back through Las Vegas in the daylight and Pops was driving so I did snap several pictures of casinos. That will make my son, Frankie, happy. He wanted to see pictures of them for some reason. Enjoy, Frankie. While we were driving in to Vegas there must have been some sort of traffic sweep going on because all along the highway the highway patrol had cars pulled over. I did get some pictures of that too. Lol
It didn’t seem very long before we were back in Utah. I decided that since I had already seen most of this state and that I would be driving later that I better take a nap. I woke up in late afternoon and got to see a pretty sunset over Provo Lake. Utah is a very beautiful state. It definitely has something for everyone. We saw a good many hunters and several herds of mule deer and 1 big bull elk with about 6 cow elk. That is so neat to see.
Utah turned into Wyoming some time after dark and I was a little fearful that it would be steep and canyon-like and scary for me while I was driving but it wasn’t. It was slow gradual descents with grassy sides. Pops fell asleep and I turned the radio up and sang along as I drove. I saw some really big rabbits. I mean big! I also saw several coyotes. They were probably looking for and eating the rabbits. Those big rabbits made me think of my friend, Doug Miller. He loves rabbits, probably a little too much, haha. Anyway, he would’ve liked those great big ones from Wyoming.
We pulled in to a truckstop for fuel and decided to shower and rest for awhile. We slept for about 2 ½ hours and then got moving again. Pops was driving this time. After about an hour it started to break daylight. It was the most spectacular sunrise. I took a picture with my cell phone and sent it to a couple of people. Everyone agreed how pretty it was.
We really enjoyed Wyoming. I think we agree that it was probably now our favorite state. Then it was onto Nebraska. It is a lot like Pennsylvania in looks. It has gentle rolling hills and mountains, trees and fields. Although some of it resembled Wyoming and parts was like Utah. We saw a badger there. For real, a badger. Then we saw more of them. I was texting with my son, Drew and asked him if Nebraska was the badger state. He said no, that Wisconsin was.
We stopped at a rest stop and climbed a rock mountain with the dogs. That was nice, except for the second time we found the jagger burrs. They stuck all through my crocs. At least the dogs didn’t get into them this time.
Drew told me that he has now lost 100 pounds. Good for you, Drew.
Nebraska has a lot of deer just like Pennsylvania. It was warmer than I expected it to be.
Iowa was a farming state. We came through it in the dark so it’s not easy to explain how it was. One thing I do know for sure about the part of Iowa  where we passed through is they have so many windmills. Fields and fields of windmills.
Then we were in Illinois. It also is a lot of farm lands. When we came to the city of Chicago I was driving of course. I drove right in. We got there early in the morning and traffic was light. There was a lot of traffic on the way out. We sat still in traffic for a long time. We took our layover at the O’Hare Airport. Wow, big. The rest area there was called an oasis. It was on both side of the highway but had a connecting see through courtyard over the highway. You could sit at the tables and eat while the traffic flowed underneath you.
We were offered a load that picked up in Indianapolis, IN and delivered to Newark, DE. It was a truck to truck transfer. We met the other driver at the FedEx Freight Dock Yard and he unloaded at a dock and then we backed in and his load was loaded onto us. We stopped at a Walmart there to take a nap. We went inside to use this restroom. While in there we saw a very interesting fellow. He was very tall and thin. He had high chunky heeled shoes, a navy tight shirt and khaki pants. He had long straight black hair. He had plucked, arched eyebrows and eyeliner and lipstick. He had long fingernails painted yellow. Oh boy. Let’s get out of here!
We got to the truck to rest. I was not feeling good at all. I have had such problems with my ears and sinuses ever since we crossed the Rockies. I had a headache and was in bad pain. Pops left me rest. He did more of the driving. I felt a little better when I woke up. Thanks, dear. I love you.
This morning while driving I started to pass areas that were familiar. We were in Pennsylvania. I so wanted to go home. Hopefully, we can go home tonight. I made it to within 15 miles of our destination and then ran out of driving time. Pops took over and drove us right in. We got unloaded and called our owner. She said “check out and take your truck out of service and go home. “ Yippee, I love you, Shirley. See you in 10 days. I’m going home.

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