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Thursday, November 11, 2010

50 New things I've seen/done in the last 5 weeks

1. Spent 24/7 with Pops for 37 days
2. Crossed the Mississippi River
3. Crossed the Missouri River
4. Crossed the Rocky Mts.
5. Entered New Hampshire
6. Entered Arkansas
7. Entered Louisiana
8. Entered Mississippi
9. Entered Alabama
10. Entered Texas
11. Entered Kansas
12. Entered Colorado
13. Entered Arizona
14. Entered Nevada
15. Entered Utah
16. Entered California
17. Entered Wyoming
18. Entered Nebraska
19. Entered Iowa
20. Saw the St. Louis Arch
21. Been to O'Hare Airport
22. Ate Buttered Popcorn Taffy, yum
23. Saw Tumbleweeds
24. Saw muledeer in the wild
25. Saw Elk in the wild
26. Saw antelope in the wild
27. Saw a rattlesnake in the wild
28. Saw a jack rabbit in the wild
29. Saw badgers in the wild
30. Went to Las Vegas
31. Saw the Hollywood sign
32. Drove truck
33. Showered in a truckstop
34. Slept in a vehicle on the street
35. Celebrated my birthday at a truckstop
36. Went through a Bayou
37. Went through the plains
38. Went through the prairie
39. Wore purple nail polish
40. Visited an accapella church
41. Drove through 26 straight miles of construction
42. Traveled through a desert
43. Saw a mirage
44. Drove in New York City
45. Been in a restuarant over the highway
46. Been to 6 Walmarts in one day
47. Encountered cockleburs in Kansas, Yeow!
48. Saw mountains and palm trees at the same time
49. Drove into LA twice in one day
50. Slept at Walmart


Starla said...

Sounds like a VERY interesting list mom. Geesh....One day I will make it out west to see all the things you have seen. Airplanes don't count anymore, I just want to drive it next time. Love ya's and am so glad you are home!!

Keenan said...

51: Got an internet card so my loyal readers can have something to read every day? :)

Noni & Pops said...

Oh, Keenan, you are so funny and encouraging. Thanks. But you are right, that really should be my 51.