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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blog overload

I know you are reading the third one today. It is feast or famine with the blogs, I guess. It is Thanksgiving so feast today.
Oh boy, did we ever feast. I have to admit that our meal was really good for what I have to prepare with. I am learning to do wonderful things with a crockpot and microwave, seriously. I did take a picture of our dinner plates but for some reason I can't get it to blog. They are telling me that this is a copyrighted, licensed picture and won't allow me to use it. haha. Oh well, I'll keep trying.
We got company tonight. We met some new people that also drive for FXCC. They pulled up in front of us and came over and talked for awhile. Their names are Ralph and Lisa. They were really nice. It is always good to meet new friends. I hope to see them around somewhere in our travels. I did get to add them to Facebook so I will at least be able to keep up with them occasionally.
Some guys came around selling leather work gloves for $5.00 a pair. They were pretty nice gloves too, but Pops and I just bought ourselves gloves and didn't get any. Ralph bought several pairs. I was hoping the movie man would come around. I sure like bargain movies, right Kristie? lol But he never showed up.
After we ate and I did the dishes (don't you hate that part on Thanksgiving?) Pops played around on the internet a bit while I decorated our Christmas tree. It turned out really nice. I am proud of it. And it lifted my spirits to sit and stare at the colored lights. (No comments Jeffy and Bill.) I did take a picture of it too but haven't tried to upload it to the blog yet.
Then I took the dogs outside to run a little bit in the grass. And Pops took a nap. I really enjoyed texting with everyone and hearing about everyone's day on the computer. Thanks for sharing part of yourselves with us.
I think I am going to read for a bit and then hit the sack.
Good luck to all of you Black Friday shoppers. Here are a few hints of what I would like for Christmas: a pair of Reebok zig tech sneakers(black with purple bottoms,) Halle perfume the brown one, a cute little pair of opal hoop earrings from piercing pagoda, or whatever else you think I would like. Pretty good hints, huh? Anyway, be safe and when you're done spending your money, go home and sleep.


eaglespointe said...

I like staring at the pretty lights also...

collettakay said...

There is something special about just sitting and staring at Christmas tree lights. so peaceful and calming.

Noni & Pops said...

Yes, Lettie, you get it. A fish aquarium is like that too.